Katy Perry Short Hairstyles

Katy Perry Short Hairstyles

Katy Perry Hairstyles

Picture of Katy Perry Short Hairstyles:

Katy Perry Short Hairstyles:
The chic smooth style has straight hair hanging to below the ear. The medium straight hair is layered throughout the sides and front to lighten the length and encourage soft movement to create a natural look and feel. The wispy bangs can enhance the face wonderfully. The smashing style can enhance nearly all the face structures and it is an ideal option for formal and informal events.

How to Get Hair Like Katy Perry

  • Drag the comb straight up till your hairline and then continue back in a straight way to get a straight left part. A side part is ideal option for longer face shapes since it can create the illusion of width.
  • With a brush, start blow-drying in small parts from the nape/back. Tend your head forward, position the comb an inch below the hair roots to hold them neat and put the dryer above the comb for several seconds before going on the ends.
  • 5. Blow-dry the Sides Under
    When blow-drying the hair at the sides pull a part of hair from the hair and pin the other part of hair. Position the comb under the section and then drag the comb and hair forward round your face (the curving motion form volume). Hold the hair-dryer on top of the comb till you reach the ends and then turn the ends under.