CSGO Betting Sites

Millions of Counter–Strike: Global Offensive players around the world are interested in collecting, trading and buying skins. With such a high demand and popularity of these cosmetic items, it’s no wonder that CS: GO betting is so popular.

There are dozens of betting sites where players deal in skins and stake them for an opportunity to buy better ones or just to make some profit.

Each one is different too, featuring various games for the users to bet on, and offering different bonuses to claim. If you’re new to Global Offensive gambling, let us explain how the gambling sites https://csgogambling24.com/work and why you might want to try them.

CSGO Betting

Counter–Strike: Global Offensive betting sites are directly related to the Valve marketplace (or Steam community market), which you use to buy or sell skins and change the texture of your in-game items.

Each site may use a slightly different system, but most use marketplace bots, which serve you as the cashiers of sorts. When playing at a CSGO betting site https://csgogambling24.com/betting-sites/, you basically deal with them to deposit and withdraw.

Depositing at CSGO Betting Sites

You can deposit your skins by trading with the marketplace bots. In other words, you exchange the skins that you don’t like for credits, which you use to bet and play the various games on a site.

Alternatively, you can keep the skins and use them for betting directly, like you would use casino chips. Your winnings will then depend on the value of skins that you put at stake.

Withdrawing at CSGO Betting Sites

The lucky players can withdraw their winnings as skins, which they can select from the marketplace.

The marketplaces often have every single skin available in the game, including skins for knives, pistols, rifles, gloves and more.

You can usually choose whatever skin you like, assuming you’ve got enough credits to claim it. However, not all items may be always available at any given site.

Also, keep in mind that making transactions at these sites will cost you more than you actually gamble as they keep a small portion of your credits to sustain themselves.

Luckily, the prospect of multiplying your funds and upgrading your skins is very real with Global Offensive gambling and that’s why these sites are so popular, still thriving years after they launched.

CSGO Betting Games

There are lots of different games to play. In some of them, the odds of you winning depend on other people playing, their number and bet sizes. Some examples of multiplayer games are:

  1. Match betting (much like real sports betting)
  2. Public pots (random raffles where the pot consists of all the skins wagered by multiple players)

In others, it’s just you against the game itself. Such betting games are usually very similar to various casino games. The most popular examples of these include:

  1. Cases (same as the weapon cases in Global Offensive, except that you place bets to open them)
  2. Dice
  3. Roulette

All of these games are worth attention as each one provides payouts or skins that have a value proportional to your bet.

While roulette pays double your bet size (whatever it is) in credits, cases can reward skins in the category directly related to your bet size, allowing more valuable skins for higher bets.

Best CSGO Betting Sites

As already mentioned, there are dozens, if not hundreds, of sites dedicated to CSGO bettinng exclusively. Virtually all of them are free to use as long as you have skins to use on their games.

We’ll just give a few examples, including some popular sites with differet games for you to check out.

  1. CSGO Empire

One of the most popular Counter–Strike gambling sites is CSGO Empire. It has some casino games like roulette and a slot machine. What’s more, the site often runs various promotions that give away credits and bundles of skins.

  1. CSGO-Case

CSGO-Case has a much larger selection of games than most other betting sites that deal with CS: GO skins. Plus, it also has various free offers including giveaways and bonuses.

The games at CSGO-Case include:

  • Match betting
  • Public Pot
  • Case
  • Slots
  • Scratch card
  • Roulette
  • Blackjack
  • Dice
  • Coin Flip
  • Arm Wrestling
  • Crash
  • And others

In other words, it’s probably the best site to go to if you want to see the variety these betting games come in.

  1. CSGO Fast

CSGO Fast has over 600 skins and items in its store, many of which are in high demand. It also has a wheel of fortune game which you can spin for free every 24 hours.

Aside from that, it allows crafting, which is basically a bet for a possibility to get a specific and more expensive item you’re ‘creating’. Other games at this CS: GO betting site include slots, roulette, public pots and cases.

CSGO Betting Sites With Codes

Most CSGO betting sites accept codes that reward players with some free credits to gamble with and turn into actual skins.

Therefore, it’s more important to find valuable codes rather than appropriate sites. For example, all the sites mentioned above allow using codes if you simply know any.

It’s worth remembering that different sites may have different codes. If you use affiliate codes, however, lots of betting sites will have the same or very similar codes available.

So how to get those codes?

Simple! For starters, you can just watch gambling videos on YouTube since various YouTubers sponsor these sites this way. They’ll occasionally tell you a code or two to use at some particular Global Offensive betting site.

CSGO Betting Sites for Poor

Bonuses like credit giveaways, skin rewards and codes for some free credits make CS: GO betting available to literally everyone.

Even if you’re poor and don’t want to invest real money into this form of gambling, the codes and similar offers can prove extremely valuable. With enough luck, you could essentially go from nothing to an array of skins and thousands of credits.

Just make sure to keep an eye out for such offers and you’ll become a CS: GO betting guru in no time.

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