Blunt Haircuts for Medium Hair, Straight Hairstyles for Women
Medium Straight Hairstyles

Blunt Haircut for Medium Hair: Straight Hairstyles for Women

Medium blunt hairstyles are one of the most popular hairstyles for medium length hair. Layers appear sexy and charming when they are paired with the medium length hair.

Smooth and classic layered cuts appear wonderful with medium hair. The hairstyle looks super lovely, and creates a modern smooth hairstyle look. The hairstyle is suitable for people with straight hair.

Styling Steps

  • Part them from the middle. Then cut the hair ends into layers in a way that they are flipped inwards.
  • Hold the front part of the hair and then cut separate your hair from the middle and make layers in your hair, and blunt the hair ends. Then cut the front hair into blunt bangs.
  • Brush and style them well and leave them free to create a splendid look.