Short Hairstyle 2013

Jena Malone Short Hairstyle

The back of the splendid smooth style is tapered into the neck, and make short, casual layers till the top and sides. Thus it can enhance the face shape and offers more softness and tender to the entire style.
Short Hairstyle 2013
The short sexy, side-parted ‘do in a dainty sweep of bangs is simple to gain the fashionable hairstyle for people with fine to medium hair.

Suitability Face Shape: Round, Oval, Heart, and Triangular

Suitability Hair Density: Medium/Thick

Jena Malone Hairstyles Styling Tip

Divide the hair into even sections-part hair vertically down the middle and again horizontally about halfway down the back of the head. Hold the razor lightly. Take a fine-toothed comb to pull up the hair at about a 45-degree angle and slide the razor in short motions down the ends of the hair. Work your way up throughout the back, and then begin work on the sides.

Create some piecy bangs to pair the splendid layered style. Apply a little wax to your fingertips then pull through your bangs, sweeping the hair to the right. Apply a little hairspray to keep it shine and neat longer.

How to Get Hair Like Jena Malone

Step 1. Apply a bit of moulding cream to your fingertips and then run it throughout your hair ends downwards to gain a textured style.

Step 2. Apply a little gel to your fingertips and then rub through your hair ends downwards to get a sculptured style.

Step 3. Apply a bit wax to your palms, beginning with the top-back area, pull your hands forward, flattening your hair down. Use more wax to gain a wetter look.

Step 4. Apply a bit of moulding cream to your fingertips then softly tend through your bangs, sweeping the hair to the right. Try not to overuse the cream since it can get sticky.

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