20 Fabulous Short and Curly Hairstyles for Black Women

It’s time to go natural and embrace your curls. Easier said than done, right? They can be so unruly. Magazines and celebrities make it look easy, but we know it’s not. Taming curls is a job in its’ own right, but that does not mean it is impossible. The the proper cut and hairstyles your curls can be a fashion statement instead of a fashion “faux-pas.”

1. Braided Undercut

Braided Undercut
Braided Undercut/via

Gorgeous and simple, this is a great way to tame your curls while attaining a unique look.

2. Deliberate Corkscrew Curls

Deliberate Corkscrew Curls
Deliberate Corkscrew Curls/via

Go short and get a perm! This look requires no styling while remaining chic.

3. Volume on Top

Volume on Top
Volume on Top/via

Shaved sides will keep you feeling cool, while the curls on top create natural volume!

4. Classic Curls

Classic Curls
Classic Curls/via

Or, get classy like Kerry Washington with these delicious curls and bangs.

5. Wild Ringlets

Wild Ringlets
Wild Ringlets/via

These stunning ringlets are a definite style statement. Shaved sides seems to be a recurring theme here….

6. Finger Curls

Finger Curls
Finger Curls/via

A very popular style for those who are into more vintage look.

7. Rolled Curls

Rolled Curls
Rolled Curls/via

This volume is simply bodacious. For a look that’s sure to stun, look no further.

8. Tiny Twists

Tiny Twists
Tiny Twists/via

But, keep in mind, curls don’t need to be huge to make a statement! Subtle works as well.

9. Stylish Perm

Stylish Perm
Stylish Perm/via

Perms are stylish and easy. The work is already done! And no, they are not just a fad of the ’80s.

10. Stunning Crimps

Stunning Crimps
Stunning Crimps/via

While crimped hair may be a thing of the ’90s, it can still be stunning if it’s done right.

11. Natural Beauty

Natural Beauty
Natural Beauty/via

This one’s all in the hair cut. The natural curls just add some extra fun!

12. Tight Ringlets

Tight Ringlets
Tight Ringlets/via

Adorable and simple, these tight ringlets are just the thing for summer!

13. Twisted Volume

Twisted Volume
Twisted Volume/via

When in doubt, twist them up!

14. Sweeping Curls

Sweeping Curls
Sweeping Curls/via

Sweeping and sultry, these curls have a mind of their own and it’s undeniably glamorous.

15. Twisted Afro

Twisted Afro
Twisted Afro/via

An afro doesn’t have to be “poofy.” This twisted afro is full of spunk and texture.

16. Stacked Curls

Stacked Curls
Stacked Curls/via

Another simple, but sexy look. Stack your curls for extra volume and style.

17. Curly On Top

Curly on Top
Curly on Top/via

Or, let them roam free in this casually curly undercut.

18. Parted Curls

Parted Curls
Parted Curls/via

An interesting part is just the thing to mix up your look.

19. Simple Curls

Simple Curls
Simple Curls/via

There is grace in simplicity and we don’t always need to go to great lengths to look good.

20. Hollywood Classic Curls

Hollywood Classic Curls
Hollywood Classic Curls/via

But, when in doubt, you can always turn to the red carpet for inspiration.

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