Ombre Hairstyle for Short Straight Hair - Trend-setting Hair Styles for Black Women and Girls

20 Trend-setting Hair Style Ideas for Black Women& Girls

In research on how our style affects the way other people view us, women said they judge a woman’s age, based heavily on the hairstyle they’re wearing!

So if you have a contemporary hairstyle, other women see you as younger, but if you’re wearing an outdated haircut, other women will guess an older age for you!

Ombre Hairstyle for Short Straight Hair

Modern ‘fro

If you have a long face, you can make it look shorter by pulling down some curls to cover your forehead with a fringe and by wearing a style that has no added height on top, but some nice round volume at the sides.

And you can get this style from a chin-length bob cut or modern ‘fro, which are both flattering and trendy choices for this season that can be adjusted to suit any face-shape beautifully!


Bleached highlights are ‘out’ this season and more sophisticated darker colours for highlighting are currently setting the trends on natural hairstyles for black women.

On black hair or dark brown, you can add dimension with rich shades of purple, deep pink, burgundy or blue, which give a more sophisticated look than last season’s extravagant bleached streaks.

Or try a fabulous, metallic-copper balayage for another chic and up-to-the minute look!

Short Hairstyle Ideas for Thick Hair

Loose braids

Natural hair styles for black women will continue to include lots of braided styles, but with a looser texture and a softer look, that shows off the volume in your hair – but doesn’t pull on the roots.   Tight braids are not a good idea as they can cause a lot of damage to both the hair shafts and the roots.

So take a look at our fantastic gallery of trendy hair styles for black women & girls and get a trendy, new style that could make you look younger, too!

Cute Short Haircut

Ombre Curly Hair Styles

Stylish Hair Color for Short Hair

Natural Curly Hair Style Ideas

Straight to Curly

Cute, Red Pixie Hairstyle

Straight Long Bob Cut

Red, A-line Bob Hairstyle for Straight Hair

Short Hairstyle with Bangs

Pink, Curly Short Hairstyle

Pixie Haircut for Natural Curly Hair

Grey Short Bob Haircut

Shaved Haircut for Straight Short Hair

Amazing Hair Color

Classic Short Bob Hairstyle

Hair Styles Ideas for Black Women and Girls

Gorgeous Purple Pixie Cut

Messy Short Hair Style


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