Blonde Curly Hairstyle for Short Hair, Lady Gaga Hair Styles
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Blonde Curly Hairstyle for Short Hair: Lady Gaga Hair Styles

The charming lion mane has soft curls added throughout the top to ends to bring the style movement and shape and teased at the hair roots to create the top height and lift.

This voluminous short hairstyle works greatly on people with thin hair texture, since ruffles and curls can add much fluffy effect. There is an ideal transition from smooth hair to curly hair. Jagged cut bangs place wonderfully on the forehead to frame the top of your face and pair the curly hairstyle greatly. The soft locks in tousled waves can earn you many head-turns. The soft wind-blown waves are perfectly proper for people with long face structures and magnificent for all special occasions.

Styling Steps

  • Curl your hair into loose curls and waves with a curling iron, hot rollers.
  • Create some long blunt bangs to pair the cool and chic hairstyle.
  • Apply a bit of hold hairspray to keep the soft bouncy and voluminous waves bouncy and shine longer.
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