Men Haircut Trends for Short Hair - Men Short Hairstyles

10 Best Men’s Haircut Trends for Short Hair

Are you lagging behind the latest men’s haircut trends for short hair? Then maybe it’s time you caught up! So much has changed this season and style-conscious males can’t just cruise along with a has-been look. So run you eyes over these new looks and get ready to overhaul your manly appeal!

1. High-fashion gray-beige blonde high-top – men’s haircut trends for short hair

Men Haircut Trends for Short Hair - Men Short Hairstyles


Buzzed sides in dual textures of gray turning to black, add plenty of texture to the sides of this super-smart look. The top is styled up and backwards for a fairly long swept-back hairstyle that needs product to control it. But it’s more than that because the trend-setting mix of cool and warm colors marks this out as a totally up to the minute new look! Cool gray, with a hint of blue, is softened with pale-beige balayage!

2. Trendy silver fade with volume of top – men’s haircut trends for short hair

If your dark hair is starting to show gray, embrace it and switch to a full-on silver-fox look! Silver-blonde is the height of hair fashion right now and looks great with deep blue tattoos.  Styled forwards from the crown and then back from the forehead creates fabulous texture and interesting movement. And the height on top adds length to a low forehead or round face shape. It’s a very distinguished and attractive look!

3. Perms for a high & tight look – men’s haircut trends for short hair

Yes, guys, the ‘top’ perm is back! And for those of you who don’t know how it works, it’s a chemical treatment that puts permanent curls into straight hair. The perm will last until all of your permed hair is cut off. It makes hair easier to style with just a diffuser and is the best way to get body and volume into fine, straight hair! Two white-blonde lines add an individual look at the sides on this young, ‘cheeky’ look.

4. Shaggy forward styled – men’s haircut trends for short hair

The shaggy look is going to take over men’s hairstyling this year. It’s perfect for adding interesting volume and texture, without having a perm. Shaggy cuts work best on thick hair. And they give a fabulous contrast with a fade over a bald fade at the sides and back. The tousled look and a little bit of hair over the forehead softens the line and keeps the style relaxed.

5. Top braids with white detail and short ponytail

This guy project the image of a serious type who is extremely neat and well-groomed. The top braids keep hair in place all day, so no need to keep checking your appearance. And the two white fabric strands woven into parallel braids add asymmetrical decoration that contrasts cleanly with the model’s black hair. Faded sides continue down to link up with a precisely-cut full beard and tash to finish a strong look!

6. Short textured top with precise temple and beard lines

When you wear glasses, it’s important to make sure your haircut and beard style complement them. For example, you don’t want so much going on that your face seems to be hidden. And this hairstyle is a great way to get the balance right. The top hair is medium long and simply styled, with neatly shaped temple hairline adding extra fashion flair. And with the glasses dominating the centre face, a light beard and moustache complete a great new look!

7. Flat forward-styled men’s haircut with beard

If you have fine to medium hair that you don’t want to spend hours styling, then try this new look. It just need combing forwards after washing and finger-tousling to add texture. Bangs will focus attention on your eyes and the low side fade softens the overall haircut. The disconnected beard is cut with strong angles along the jaw line, with a clean-shaved neck.

8. Hook curls on permed male hairstyles

This is a trend-setting permed haircut, with unusual pin-curl and hook curls. The tousled curls create fabulous texture and a shaggy look, especially for men with medium to fine hair types. The low fade creates a clear-cut bald line around the ears and side-burns. And a light beard and moustache finish off a high fashion new look!

9. Varied textures on straight black hair for men

This is a great idea for thick hair that can take sliced layers and has plenty of natural volume. Sliced layers cut thick hair into vertical layers, with a tapered tip. And that’s what creates the fabulous triangular texture around the crown and top section. A creative contrast in straightened bangs switches the movement to focus on the eyes. And the bald fade gives a clean-cut back and face.

10. Two highly groomed men’s hairstyles with blonde balayage

Image A shows how to flatter a medium – low forehead with a curved quiff adding length to the face. The colorist has subtly balayaged expertly styled curves with blonde touches – highlighting the movement and texture. Image B shows the hair with a longer, asymmetrical fringe draped down to frame the model’s brown eyes. The height is still there above the forehead and again, you get attractive emphasis on the texture and shape with a touch of blonde.

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