Blonde Mid-Length Hairstyle, Britney Spears Hair

Blonde Mid-Length Hairstyle: Britney Spears Hair

Luscious soft curls added to the mid-length hairstyle bring it a great deal of bounce and movement.

The splendid curls complete with loads of volume can enhance your charm and grace greatly and the dainty hairstyle is great for formal and informal occasions. The soft spiral curls can be great option for people with thin hair.

Styling Steps

  • Curl the hair into tousled curls and waves with a curling iron, hot rollers or simply scrunching it dry if you have naturally curly hair.
  • Create a middle part to frame the charming face structure. Keep the length about the shoulder level to enhance the chin-line.
  • Apply a little top-class hairspray to keep the long soft waves bouncy and shine longer.

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