Fergie Medium Hairstyles 2013 for Curly Hair
Fergie Hairstyles

Fergie Medium Hairstyles for Curly Hair

Fergie Medium Haircut: The shoulder length hairstyle full of curls is dressed over the shoulders showing off the ideally defined medium curls. The bouncy curls can hide the checks great so it is ideal option for people with square face. The manes in voluminous waves offer you super charm and grace. It is effortless to re-create with hot rollers.

Choose a hair curler, and roll the hair tightly part by part and you will enjoy the charming curls. Create a center part to expose the charming face structure. Leave the hair sitting on the shoulders to make the whole style more charming and graceful.

Fergie Hairstyle
Length: Medium
Type: Curly
Hair Color: Blonde; Brown