Trendy Bob Haircuts and Color - 2021 Short Hairstyles for Thick Hair

10 Short Bob Haircuts & Color – Special Event Hair Ideas

What’s the most practical, yet eye-catching way to wear your hair? Well, short is always practical and easy to style, plus the bob is almost universally flattering to young and old, and lots of different face shapes. But what if you also want an exceptional look, something eye-catching but easy-style? These fabulous short bob haircuts have all been pimped-up with gorgeous, rainbow hair color designs, that will knock your socks off!

1. Multi-directional finish on white-blonde – short bob haircuts & color for fine hair

10 Short Bob Haircuts & Color - Special Event Hair Ideas


Fine, straight hair can look thin and flat without added waves to make volume, but you don’t need to have old-fashioned curls to get this fabulous texture. The stylist has cut lots of shaggy layers into the hair and styled them to flip-out and have a windswept finish, which adds texture, movement and that volume we all crave! And for women with bright blue eyes and naturally fair hair, this hair color design in shades of white- and ivory-blonde really emphasises the gorgeous eye-colour and natural beauty look!

2. Soft medium beige with raspberry tips – short bob haircuts & color for fine hair

This lovely new hair color of muted golden beige is a very forgiving shade of ‘mid-blonde’ for anyone over 30. And it’s a very attractive hair color for anyone with skin that has warm or neutral undertones. The roots are slightly darker, to add 3-D color depth and volume to the hair, along with the stunning disconnected layers and surface texture. But the truly gorgeous look of this hairstyle owes everything to the fabulous matching of cool, raspberry pink at the tips to a great, new, high-fashion bob cut!

3. Burnt-orange & coffee half/half short bob haircuts & color

The half and half hair color idea may have started as a fun, fantasy look for music festivals and summer-wear, but it’s caught on in a big way for everyday wear! This short bob on thick, dark brunette hair has loads of high-fashion impact with colors perfectly chosen to flatter warm skin undertones and brown eyes. The magenta tips on the burnt-orange side add an attractive touch of asymmetry to an otherwise symmetrical short, bob haircut. And heavily textured tips add trendy, uneven style to an easy-wear, simple cut with a sophisticated color scheme!

4. Pearl-gray-magenta-blue stripes on short bob haircuts & color

What a fabulous special occasion style this is! And it would look absolutely fabulous along with a little black dress for a cocktail party. It’s an asymmetrical short bob cut with lots of fabulous contemporary twists. For example, the back and sides are blunt cut, with a tiny bit of layering to create an inward curve. And this retains the thickness of the hair, but removes bulk at the tips. Then the stylist has cut long, V-shaped points on either side of the chin. It’s a simple, straight cut that the colorist has livened up tremendously with gorgeous blue and deep-pink vertical highlights on a delicate, pearl-gray base!

5. Dazzling nape decoration on blue short angled haircut

Anyone planning to attend a party or special occasion likes to have a specially attractive hairstyle. And if you love to be a trendsetter, with an original look that no-one else has, here it is! The nape decoration on this blue inverted bob is stunning and completely new. First of all, the stylist has created a super, geometric design with shaved lines and then she has applied blue-green glitter to highlight the pattern. Will it start a new trend for party-glittered hairstyles? I hope so! It’s such a fun idea and perhaps the next step on from blended fantasy colors!

6. Hair makeover to orange & yellow straight medium-short hairstyle

This model has a large forehead and an angular jawline, and you can see how switching to a straighter, center-part haircut that skims the edges of her face creates a more attractive, oval face shape. And wearing her hair forward onto her collar-bone, was making her look as if she didn’t have a neck, and covering up her fabulous tattoo art. So the shorter, one-length, straight bob has improved her beauty look in several important ways. Both colors suit her skin-tone well, but the orange and yellow vertical color design create a gorgeous eye-catching, modern look that complements her arty tattoos perfectly!

7. Lavender & platinum-blonde asymmetric short haircut with choppy undercut

This stylish has created a lovely, soft lavender and platinum-blonde short bob haircut that suits the model’s skin with cool undertones really well. And to complete the edgy vibe there’s an interesting variation on the undercut below the side-part. Instead of just a shaved, or buzzed, section, the stylist has cut two ultra-short layers with choppy bottom edges, which play down the ‘cuteness’ of the overall look. And the rich, purple roots make this angled bob a beautiful example of the latest short bob haircuts on offer!

8. Superchic makeover from long to smooth, straight blue lob haircut

Here’s a couple of images that really highlight how much our impression of a new person depends on their hairstyle! The first image of over-bleached blonde hair with black roots and fuzzy tips suggests a conventional long, straight, blonde person without any individuality. However, with a makeover hairdo in a sleek mid-length bob, and beautifully blended shades of blue-gray, electric-blue and mid-blue tips, the impression is totally different! She looks far more sophisticated, contemporary and interesting!

9. Natural sleek A-line hairstyle with subtle highlights

For those who prefer a natural finish to their everyday hairstyle, this smooth angled bob haircut is a very professional look. It’s conventional enough for a high-powered office job, and sufficiently trendy to show a modern image. It’s a great choice for controlling thick hair and needs very little styling. And as this style comes from straight hair, lightly layered at the tips to create a nice inward curve, it will stay put all day. Very fine vertical highlights add texture and lightly swept-forward strands add a contemporary twist!

10. Trendy soft auburn short bob

This short and ultra-chic haircut shows off the lovely auburn shade of the hair and needs no special styling. So it always look great, and needs very little maintenance. The short, straight across fringe is deep and ends just above the eye-brows, accentuating the eyes. And the sides are cut above chin-length to highlight pretty lips and show a well-defined jawline. With blunt-cut tips and a tousled finish, this is a great style idea for adding thickness to fine hair!


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