Inverted Hairstyles, Short Hair
Short Layered Hairstyles

Inverted Hairstyles: Cute Short Hair

The layered inverted hairstyle is quite stylish this year and you can find a great number of celebrities and models creating this hairstyle.

This haircut is fit for women with quite thin hair since it offers the hair additional volume. The hair is cut until the nape at the back and cut into layers at the sides and front which can give the illusion of volume at the sides of the head. It is a super fashionable style and is just great for trendy and style-conscious women.

Styling Steps

  1. Straighten the hair to bring definition to the various layers that create a cohesive and excellent look.
  2. Create lowlights in colors like cinnamon and honey for brunettes and gold and platinum for blonds.
  3. Choose side swept bangs or symmetric bangs which can cover your forehead. Keep the length about the neck level to look much younger and stand out the bone structure.