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20 Short Hairstyles for Round Face You’ll Love

While magazines tend to give us the illusion that anyone can look good with anything, this is not true. We all come in different shapes and sizes. Naturally, some trends work better on certain shapes than others. The same goes for your hair. Not every look will suit your face shape. It can be hard and time consuming to find a look that is sure to look stunning. If you have a round face shape, you’re in luck! Here is a great selection of hairstyles that anyone with a round face can pull off.

1. Framed and Soft: Round Face Hairstyles for Women Short Hair

Framed and Soft

Framed and Soft/via

With a soft face, framed and soft hair is a great combination.

2. Volume on Top: Very Short Haircut

Volume On Top

Volume On Top/via

Take a lesson from Ginnifer Goodwin. Stack your pixie cut in order to create the illusion of a longer face!

3. Framed Bob with Blonde Short Hair

Framed Bob

Framed Bob/via

It’s all about framing! It will accentuate your face while leaving your hair looking fresh and natural.

4. Sleek Layers: A-line Bob Hair Cut

Sleek Layers

Sleek Layers/via

Long layers are another excellent choice as they too create the illusion of length, rather than width.

5. Slight Waves

Slight Waves

Slight Waves/via

A slightly wavy bob, chopped above the shoulders, is an edgy and flattering look for those with round faces.

6. Intense Side Bangs

Intense Side bangs

Intense Side bangs/via

Get crazy with your bangs! Side bangs in particular are very flattering if you have a round face.

7. Centre Part

Centre Part

Centre Part/via

Emily Browning kills it with this stunning look.

8. Round Ballerina Bun

Round Ballerina Bun

Round Ballerina Bun/via

It’s all about adding height. This adorable ballerina bun is a super easy way to do that!

9. Cute Pixie: Casual, Easy Short Hairstyles for Summer

Cute Pixie

Cute Pixie/via

For a more low maintenance do, a pixie is the perfect way to go!

10. Wavy Bun

Wavy Bun

Wavy Bun/via

Soft and glamorous, this look is both playful and elegant.

11. Tiny Round Bob

Tiny Round Bob

Tiny Round Bob/via

A rounded bob is another easy option when it comes to gorgeous hairstyles.

12. Pulled Back

Pulled Back

Pulled Back/via

Pulled back looks are stunning, as long as the hair sweeps across your forehead. Looks that are slicked back, don’t work as well.

13. Twirling Waves

Twirling Waves

Twirling Waves/via

Add some body to your gorgeous locks!

14. Asymmetrical Bob

Asymmetrical Bob

Asymmetrical Bob/via

Cameron Diaz nails it with this incredibly edgy asymmetrical bob.

15. Rocking Centre Part

Rocking Centre Part

Rocking Centre Part/via

This longer version of the centre part only proves that it is an excellent look for women with round faces.

16. Short and Sleek

Short and Sleek

Short and Sleek/via

Going  sleek is another excellent choice that is both flattering and stylish.

17. Volume Volume Volume

Volume Volume Volume

Volume Volume Volume/via

But, volume can be equally flattering, as long as it’s not only on the sides.

18. Top Knot

Top Knot

Top Knot/via

Ladies, the top knot was invented for you.

19. Ultra Short Bob

Ultra Short Bob

Ultra Short Bob/via

And so was this twisted Bob.

20. Messy Half Pixie

Messy Half Pixie

Messy Half Pixie/via

So get out there and experiment!

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