Long straight hairstyle with much volume looks superbly sexy and graceful. It can earn you much envy admiration and make you more feminine.

The great hairstyle is an ideal option for people with all face structures and proper for all occasions. The hairstyle can be fairly romantic and trendy and it can earn you many head-turns since its super charm and grace. The dainty hairstyle can leave onlookers a deep impression. Besides, the stunning hairstyle is quite popular among the superstars.

Styling Tips

  • Create various layers to add volume to the whole look. Leave only long layers cut round the edges in order to make the hairstyle softer and tender. Tease the hair at the crown to get height and lift.
  • Pin the upper part with and fix and leave the lower part loose. Use a small amount of top-class hairspray to keep it in great shape longer and better.