Trendy Short Hairstyles 2013-2014, Celebrity Haircuts

Trendy Short Hairstyles: Celebrity Haircuts

The short and versatile hairstyle with side-swept bangs is created sleek and slicked down. The crafted layers make the hairstyle full of sophistication and style.

Various layers and face framing textures make the whole short hairstyle special and luscious. The crafted roundness adds some cool factors to the hairstyle, too. Some smooth textures below the ears create the hairstyle an ideal oval silhouette. The neat side swept long bangs draw people’s attention to the big eyes and pairs the splendid layers greatly. The trendy brawn can create the hairstyle a more fanatic effect.

Styling Steps

  • Leave the top area relatively smooth and straight and create layers. Keep the length about the neck level.
  • Create great layers to add texture and shape to the whole look.
  • Create a side part and some side sweeping bangs to pair the smooth hairstyle.

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