Work Hairstyle for Long Hair, Women Haircuts

Work Hairstyle for Long Hair: Women Haircuts

The voluminous and cascading curls added to the heavy head to bring the special and cool hairstyle a lot of boost which is great for people with long face structure after a hairstyle to attract heads.

The soft and bouncy curls can create great volume and shape to the whole look.The exquisite and eye-catching hairstyle is ideal choice for people with thin hair. Besides, the brilliant hair color makes the long hairstyle more luscious and charming.

Styling Steps

  • Curl your hair into bouncy curls and waves section by section with hot rollers tightly from the mid-length to the hair ends and carefully or simply scrunching it dry if you have naturally curly hair.
  • Create loose curls softly and tenderly. Leave the hair sitting on one shoulder to make the whole style more seductive and brilliant.
  • Apply some hairspray to make the stunning curls voluminous and bouncy longer.

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