20 Cute Pixie Cuts: Short Hairstyles for Oval Faces

Ladies blessed with an oval face shape have one main goal: to shorten the overall look of their face and draw attention to their best features. But with so many haircuts and hairstyles focusing on adding length instead of subtracting, it may be hard to find the perfect ‘do. That’s why we’ve come up with an awesome list of 20 cute pixie haircuts that will flatter your oval face like NO other.

Lengthy Layers and Framing Side Bangs

There’s tons of reasons to fall in love with this look: from the jet black locks that scream edge and seduction to the rockin’ lengthy layers of all different shapes and sizes. Here, layers add overall dimension to the look and the choppiness subtracts overall length of the face. Side bangs give this cool look some extra snazzy style, and paired with light lips it’s a killer look for fall/winter.

Short Pixie Hairstyles with Long Bangs

Chopped Back with Lengthy Side Bangs

If you’re seeking a style that’s perky and youthful, this is definitely the look for you! The super short chopped back is mega-trendy and fun while the long layers soften the look of the face, focusing on your lovely cheek bones and taking the eyes off the length of your overall face. So cute hair styles !

Layered Pixie Haircut - Blonde and Brown

Lengthy Classic Pixie

Let me tell you, this look is wild and super trendy with two major trend-setting hair colors for 2016 (gray and dark purple); but when you remove the dye and look at the cut, you realize it’s a super lengthy classic pixie that looks great on just about anyone. The length frames the face gorgeously and can easily be styled up or down whenever you need.

Simple Easy Short Pixie Cuts for Oval Faces - Short Hairstyles for Women

Short Chopped Layers: New Short Haircuts

Okay, so long side bangs are an easy fix for oval faces that need to lose some length; but that doesn’t mean it’s your only option. This look here is incredibly stylish and looks like something you’d see on the runway! Shorter chopped layers and super short choppy bangs add plenty of dimension and funk to this look, great for an oval face on women of all ages.

Messy, Very Short Haircut with Side Bangs

Lengthy Top Half

You might think dropping length on the sides will add even more height to your face; but think again. This lovely ‘do leaves all the length on the top half, which means you can let it drape gracefully over the eye or add a few coquettish curls for the perfect beach day look. Loving the sandy blonde hair coloring too!

Blonde Curly Pixie Haircut - Short Hairstyles for Thick Hair

Chopped Back with Heavy Bangs

Have we not yet mentioned how much we adore side bangs? Well, we do. Especially when it comes to toning down lengthy oval face shapes. Here we see a totally hot look featuring extra heavy side swept bangs for a style that really takes care of that ‘over-ovalness’.

Stylish Hairstyle Color for Short Hair - Pixie Haircut 2016

Major Side Part with Extra Length

Why part is to the side when you can toss your locks to an extreme side part? This leaves the locks casually and elegantly thrown over in a single direction, with side bangs draping seductively over the eye. Leave the other side and the back short- you don’t want to take away from the trendiness of this cut. (And consider this sexy hair color while you’re at it! Love the modern hint of purple beneath the auburn. Wow!)

Gorgeous Short Pixie Hairstyle for Thick Hair - Haircuts 2016

Super Long Pixie

Just because you’ve decided to chop your mane, doesn’t mean you have to miss out on length. This super long pixie haircut is fashion-forward and fresh, making it a great option for women in their 20s. The length cuts off right under the cheek bones, the perfect length for making the overall face shape appear shorter and rounder. With layers upon layers and a fashionable extreme side part, this entire style oozes trend.

Platinum Layered Pixie with Length at the Nape

Super Short Bangs with Lengthy Top

A hairstyle that’s modernized and certainly chic? This is it. Not for your everyday office gal, this unique and edgy cut features super short bangs that round up and around the forehead, while the rest of the mane is kept lengthy and chopped with plenty of layers. With hints of dark blonde and violet and super sexy red lips, this is definitely a style reserved for the gal that craves some edge.

undercut haircut - short pink pixie hairstyle

Extra Long Top with Body

If you were to straighten her mane, her top half would certainly fall to her chin, maybe even further. That being said, this haircut is all about leaving tons of length on top. With the addition of some wild body and curves, this look easily takes away from the length of an oval face and gives it some quirky attitude instead. Consider this fab hair color too if you’re feeling freaky!

short messy pastel pixie cut for women

Asymmetrical Buzz with Lengthy Side

We seriously can’t get over just how swank and innovative this look is. The asymmetrical buzz haircut is extremely on-trend and wild, and the lengthy other half means you can add a bit of roundness to your oval face. What’s NOT to love about this incredibly unique cut?

cool short haircut for women - half shaved pixie cut

Super Short Pixie with Choppy Layers

The transformation here is perfect: she goes from struggling with an oval face shape to ending with a flawless, well-defined look that’s nothing short of tantalizing. Her final look is revved up with tons of choppy layers to her already-short mane, leaving her with a highly fashionable and posh appearance that can be worn anywhere.

chic boyish short pixie cut for women

Short in the Back, Long in the Front

Short layers in the back add some instant height to this hairstyle while the front half of her mane is kept lengthy with minimal layers for optimal bounce. This runway-inspired pixie haircut is great for oval faces that want to redefine and accent their features, and the jet black color always looks amazing with this particular cut. Give it a shot, but don’t forget your attitude and on-trend wardrobe to match.

short black haircut - pixie cut for women

Lengthy Layers with Extra Long Side

Everything about this haircut is flawless: from the beautiful lengthy layers in the back to the gorgeous, thick side bangs hanging out front. But what really sets this look apart from the rest is the cascading cut of the bangs, leaving one side significantly longer than the other. This instantly softens and rounds the face, and is a wonderful choice if you’re seeking a more elegant haircut.

Asymmetrical Long Pixie cut

Retro Pixie

Ah yes, the retro pixie. If you’re a nostalgic woman who enjoys a blast-from-the-past look, than we highly recommend this retro pixie ‘do.

short soft wavy pixie cut

Wild Layers: Chic Short Hairstyles

Wild layers o all different shapes and sizes? Some tossed forward, others tossed back? Way to take the eye OFF the ovalness of your face and focus the eyes more on the beauty of your mane. Feel free to spice up your locks with hints of blonde on the end just like she did, too!

pixie cut

Layered Bowl Cut

Seriously- the bowl cut is trending. But if you want to take the bluntness off the bowl cut and soften it up a bit, here’s an easy way to do it: with tons and tons of bouncy layers! Cute and fun, this look can easily work with flirty pink lips for the office or red hot pouts for nighttime entertainment.

African American short pixie haircut for black women

Classic Long Pixie with PINK!

Everyone loves the classic long pixie, with the hair cut just above the ear and a significant side part with bangs that hug the face magnificently. It’s a great choice for girls and women of all ages, from 12 to 112. But you can really make a statement by lightening up your locks with some cute and fairy-like PINK coloring!

chic short pink pixie cut for fine thin hair

Soft Faux Hawk

Faux hawks aren’t just for the boys anymore. Women are taking a great liking to this rockin’ hairstyle, and we can see why! This is an awesome choice for oval faces because the quirky overall style takes ALL the attention. With the addition of wild lengthy layers and a super long front, this unique and trendy look is a must-try.

trendy short gray pixie hairstyle with bangs

Super Short Flipped Layers

This look is simply lovely. There’s three different gorgeous hair colors found in this trendy flipped ‘do, and there’s just as many- if not more- layers. These flawless layers are great for softening the face and letting your best features do all the talking.

layered curly pixie cut for black women

An oval face is rather simple to style, isn’t it? Taking length OFF your face and adding softness and overall roundness is a cinch with tons of layers and super length side bangs (and even that isn’t a MUST!). Pophaircuts.com which short pixie haircut will YOU choose to go with your beautiful oval face?

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