Fishtail Braided Chignon Hairstyles

Fishtail Braided Chignon Hairstyles
Fishtail Braided Chignon Hairstyles/Hair Romance

This French fishtail braided chignon looks charming and it works best on long hair without too many layers. The seashell shape offer people a special look and feel. It is an ideal option for parties and dates.

Comb all the hair to get rid off the tingles. Create a short part at one said and then choose a part of hair to braid. Style a French fishtail braid from the top side to another side bottom. Hold one ponytail in each hand and then cross little pieces over from one side to the other, keeping one ponytail in your hand. When your braid behind your left ear, start to curve it around and braid along your lower hairline. Continue into a regular side fishtail braid until you braid all your hair. Fix the end with small clear elastic elastic. Twist the braid up and around into a spiral bun. Pin in place with bobby pins. Try and keep every part you add in even.

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