Short Haircut Style for Ladies - Women Short Hairstyles and Haircuts in 2021

10 Short Haircut Styles for Ladies

Short haircut styles for ladies are ‘cool’ in both senses – trendy and cool around your neck and shoulders during hot weather. They should also be considered as part of your overal body image, as they are an important part of balancing out your body shape. And of course, they can do wonders for correcting your least favorite facial features, whilst focusing on your best!

1. Glorious copper layers with casual separated bangs – short haircut style for ladies

Short Haircut Style for Ladies - Women Short Hairstyles and Haircuts in 2021


Ah, would you look at those green eyes and rich copper hair! Mid copper is really gaining lots of fans these days and is one of the season’s favorite ‘trendy’colors. The layered short haircut is full of lively movement and interesting texture. And you can see it’s going to be very easy to style and maintain!

2. Age-reducing makeover on mid-age lady to pink-blonde pixie – short haircut style for ladies

Like to knock a few years of your age without pain or expensive treatments? Wouldn’t we all?! LOL Well, as you can see above, if you’re wearing a hairstyle that doesn’t flatter you a stylist can do wonders for your beauty look! A cute pixie cut in a trendy, flattering and fun color covers this model’s forehead lines. And the long fringe frames her pretty, blue eyes and accentuates her cheekbones! Instant magic!

3. Feminine undercut on hi-volume chic shapely pixie – short haircut style for ladies

This is a very stylish short haircut suitable for someone who loves to look trendy and slightly edgy. Unlike most undercuts, or buzzed sides, the shape of this one is quite cute and feminine. And that’s because the stylist has shaped the short sections neatly down to cute side-points. The high level of asymmetry creates lots of movement and texture on a smart look perfect for anyone with thick, brunette hair!

4. Artistic flair on blonde wavy angled bob – short haircut style for ladies

Here’s another great contemporary look for thick, brown hair. The back is slightly stacked to emphasise the wonderful shape and volume around the crown. And you get a fabulous elongated silhouette from the profile view. The bright beige and neutral blonde balayage is generously applied to create a blonde look. With high volume, big loose curls and waves creating movement and 3-D texture!

5. Superb simple straight bob cut with fine vertical highlights & blonde ombré

This simple bob haircut is a classic that’s constantly being update with new colors and techniques. It’s only slightly sloped down from the back and is a style you can achieve on fine and medium hair. With plain styles, the colorists are able to create some beautiful color designs, like this lovely dark and light beige-blonde blend. It’s a classy look that’s easy to maintain and always looks neat and stylish!

6. Makeover from long to short for fabulous image change

Two images of a lovely young woman, but one has much more sex-appeal! And the main reason for that is her new short haircut. This pixie is a classic, with an arched short fringe changing a squarish forehead into a cute oval shape. And this complements the model’s finely shaped chin to make her face look beautifully oval. Her eyes, lips and neck are now on show and she definitely looks more attractive and lively!

7. 3 views of all-over blonde short bob cut with volume

When we show the back, sides and front of a fabulous haircut, it really helps your stylist copy it! We try our best to do this, but not all salons send more than one viewpoint. Anyway, you can see the lovely interleaved side parting, and how it creates a long, flirty fringe to lip level. And exactly how the soft nape line is graduated sharply down at the sides, to disguise any hint of a double-chin in the profile view!

8. 4 views of a chic short cut with an Italian fashion feel

I don’t know why, but as soon as I saw this image I thought of smart, Italian fashions. The cut is precise and yet that overlong fringe falling seductively over the eyes, is very casual and carefree. The back is combed to one side creating my favorite sideways texture on short cuts. And the side points accentuate the model’s cheekbones. The expert stylist has tailor-made every part of this haircut to flatter the individual client!

9. 3 views of forward styled pink and white blonde pixie cut for easy-styling

Looking for fun in your life? Well, you can easily show your own cheerful personality. And that’s bound to encourage others to share your positive attitude! This modern, layered pixie haircut has long layers creating a trendy, long side-swept fringe. And the top layers styled forwards add volume and lots of interesting V-shaped texture. This is a good style for fine hair and it’s very easy to style and maintain!

10. Ash-white blonde long pixie cut with tonnes of texture

One way to make sure your hair stays in style all day is to ask your stylist to follow the hair’s natural flow. And this casual, but chic, look radiates out from the natural point at the crown. The stylist has cut sliced layers, which move vertically to create sharp, tapered ends and no bulk. It’s a high-fashion, eye-catching color enhanced by shadow roots and a hint of purple and beige color-wash!

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