Hottest Short Layered Haircuts for Women - Short Hairstyle Ideas

20 Snazzy Short Layered Haircuts for Women

These snazzy, short layered haircuts for women include some of the most creative new looks from modern stylists and colorists! Snazzy means ‘stylish’ and ‘attractive’, but it also covers styles that are a bit ‘out of the ordinary’, quirky and original. And that’s what I have chosen for today’s new season hair inspiration gallery.

So if you like to be the first with a new trend, or like setting your own trends – you’ll love these fresh ideas!

Add some pzazz to your fashion look with one of these new, short layered haircuts full of trendy texture! Textured haircuts are the top hair fashion choice right now and are so easy to style, too! Tousled hair gives you a youthful look and projects a trendy, casual image.

1.  Ultra-choppy short angled bob with blonde balayage – snazzy short layered haircuts for women

This ultra-messy angled bob uses different cutting techniques to create a highly textured, modern look! The long layers have choppy ends with heavily textured tips. And there are shorter step layers and feathered layers, with tapered tips in there, too.

Dark-brown roots transition into light-brown, beige-blonde and oat-blonde balayage at the ends. It’s a trend-setting twist on the angled bob! And perfect for work and play, as it’s contemporary and easy-care.

2. Brown & bright blonde wavy angled bob – snazzy short layered haircuts for women

Golden-beige blonde balayage is the new twist added to this gorgeous blonde A-line bob. And wavy, feathered layers add cute, tousled texture, above highly-textured, choppy tips.

This hairstyle is great for anyone with fine hair as it has all of the features you need to make hair appear a lot thicker. Long layers retain the natural thickness, and contrasting colors add 3-D color depth, while choppy ends add even more density!

3. Fancy forward-styled blonde pixie with dark roots – snazzy short layered haircuts for women

Feathered layering has always been attractive on classic pixie cuts. And this is a modern twist on the pixie haircut, with a fabulous forward styled top that creates lots of extra volume on top.

Feathered layers add fantastic texture and movement, and the half-fringe gives a lovely asymmetrical vibe framing the model’s eyes beautifully! Darker roots contrasted with blonde balayaged top layers gives lots of extra depth and density to fine hair types.

4. Messy glam blonde lob – snazzy short layered haircuts for women

This is a super way to jazz up long, blonde hairstyles with trendy fizz! Long layers, with dainty tapered tips create a shaggy look you can usually only achieve on thick hair.

But with lightening chemicals making each hair thicker and some hair-volume product, fine and medium hair can easily achieve this puffed-out, messy look. Brown roots make a great background to the fantastic blonde balayage in high-fashion, neutral shades!

5. Ash-blonde glam short cut with deep texture

Ash-blonde with trendy gray roots makes this chic short haircut very popular with women of all ages. It’s a high-fashion haircut full of texture from feathered layers arranged to create lots of extra volume, texture and movement!

The back is extra-cute, with a lovely V-shaped nape that softens the line beautifully. And this glamorous, high-fashion look always creates a fabulously stylish image!

6. Super-stylish long to short hair makeover in mid-neutral blonde

Long straight hair is popular with teens, but as you approach your twenties, maybe it’s time to get a more sophisticated fashion look. This lovely makeover has completely changed the model’s image and the simple, center-part style has become a chic asymmetric short haircut.

The profile shows-off attractive volume in the curved back, which is expertly layered into a nape-hugging shape. And the latest feathered layers with tapered tips are arranged to create trendy, deep texture on a subtly balayaged natural medium blonde hair color design!

7. High-fashion blonde pixie cut with razored design at the back

This smart and trendy look is suitable for every occasion and it has some fabulously flattering and innovative features. First of all, the color has been created to complement the model’s green eyes beautifully.

It’s ash-blonde with raspberry-pink tones, which is the complementary color for green on the official Color-Wheel. And the larger than usual buzzed section at the back is decorated with a fabulous curvy design that is totally fresh and eye-catching!

8. White-blonde short emo style

This is an ’emo’ style brought up to date from the usual dyed black look, to an angelic white-blonde hair color with beige balayage. It’s a chin-length bob with long layers that suits fine hair types that need extra volume and texture.

Emo styles tend to cover the face and this one is styled forwards from the crown to create an extra-long fringe covering one eye completely. The ends are heavily textured and feathered layers with wispy, tapered tips add a delicate touch to the overall trendy effect!

9. Warm beige & copper balayage on brunette angled bob

I absolutely love how brunette hairstyles are being balayaged with warm medium blonde and auburn shades. I was never a fan of cool blonde highlights in brown hair, but the warmer highlights now in fashion are very attractive!

This style is perfect for thick hair that needs strong shaping and control to make it into an easy-care beauty-booster. The soft curves and extra volume at the back make a super-trendy profile. And the neatly shaped nape and pretty feathered layers on the surface create high-fashion texture in gorgeous colors!

10. Soft cinnamon tousled pixie with micro-bangs

Multi-directional styling is a super-trendy styling twist for this season’s best pixie haircuts. The short back and sides keep all the focus on the top of the face, which is great for young and more mature faces. And the crown has short, feathery layers creating extra volume.

The top is swept to one side for an asymmetrical look. And the micro-fringe is cut in an uneven line to create a modern, choppy vibe! This lovely cinnamon shade is an easy way to wear the fashionable warm, coppery shades in a natural way!

11. Flat blonde makeover to 3-D texture angled bob – short layered haircuts for women

See how much more interesting this model’s hair is when cut into a fashionable layered bob. First of all, it looks at least twice as thick and abundant. And the profile view shows how defined waves on long layers are the perfect way to get 3-D color depth, from darker roots. The soft shade of mid beige-blonde at the roots, blends beautifully with the natural blonde highlights and beige balayage!

12. Casual collar-bone length short layered haircuts for women with fine hair

Hottest Short Layered Haircuts for Women - Short Hairstyle Ideas

If you want the feel of long hair, but your hair is quite finely textured, this is a great length to choose. It’s long layers frame the face and reach down past the chin, but it’s short enough to ‘fluff-out’. This allows you to create more volume and make your hair look a lot thicker than a long, straight style would appear. The off-centre parting suits oval to round faces, and can be used to create diagonal bangs to balance a long face. The gorgeously natural shade of beige-blonde flatters skin with warm undertones and really brings out the model’s soft, brown eyes!

13. Ash, silver & beige blonde pixie haircut – short layered haircuts for women

This cute, asymmetrical, short haircut is at the cutting-edge of hair color fashion. The large image shows how to wear trendy ash-gray, in a way that suits skin with warm undertones. The main hair color is medium natural beige blonde, which is perfect for the model’s warm skin tone, but broad highlights in soft, dove gray add ash-blonde without being too harsh. And the two smaller images show how silver blonde, over black roots, looks great with paler skin. So you could have silver-gray in the winter and switch to beige-ash-blonde when you get a summer tan!

14. Shaggy light-brown & blonde angled bob collar-bone length – short layered haircuts for women

This is a fabulously fashionable and easy-care hairstyle for women of all ages with medium or fine hair! And the natural-looking, soft light brown shade is very trendy, too. It’s also a hair color design that’s easy to maintain, as the beautiful blonde ombré just gets shorter as you have your hair trimmed. But the really eye-catching feature is the lovely, tousled layers, and tapered, degraded tips. They add so much attractive texture and 3-D color to make surface patterns and wonderful extra volume. So fine hair looks much thicker and shaggier!

15. Deep gold roots on shaggy bob with white blonde tips & bangs

Hottest Short Layered Haircuts for Women - Short Hairstyle Ideas

This eye-catching, hair-color design adds exciting light reflections to a highly textured, medium bob. And when you link dark roots to mid-gold and then almost neon-bright blonde tips, the impact is rock-star ready! Ask your stylist to cut your hair into ‘sliced layers’, which create vertical sections that end in nicely tapered tips. This keeps volume around the head, that reduces  towards the tips. And defined tips in white-blonde draw attention to the lips, beneath casual, long  windswept bangs!

16. Simple nordic blonde straight bob with beige roots

If you like casual hairstyles, but aren’t a fan of the windswept look, this classic, blonde bob is a super alternative. It suits medium – fine hair types best, as it’s a same-length haircut with blunt-cut tips. Blunt lines add natural thickness to finer hair types, such as natural blonde. Warm beige roots help add the illusion of denser hair, creating a 3-D effect and a trendy color twist. The center parting suits oval faces and one side tucked behind the ear adds a relaxed, asymmetrical vibe.

17. Bendy waved bob with straight edge at the nape

These four views of a brunette bob show exactly how the whole head is cut and styled. It has a fashionable side parting, which can be adjusted to flatter a round, heart or long face shape. Long, side-swept bangs can be used to reduce the look of a long face and adding volume at the sides is great for adding width to a narrow/long face. The disconnected layer on the longer side adds a trendy, youthful touch. And the straight-across cut at the nape is also very fashionable. Fine touches of blonde balayage emphasize lovely wavy texture.

18. Silvery pixie cut with pink tones

Hottest Short Layered Haircuts for Women - Short Hairstyle Ideas

Contrasting colors add texture to this beautifully styled pixie cut for medium or fine hair. Dark roots beneath silver-blonde add 3-D color depth that makes fine hair appear thicker. And top layers can be styled to create a lovely defined texture and pattern all around the head. The buzzed back section tapers in to hug the nape in a high fashion, geometrical short haircut.

19. All-over silver medium tousled bob

This sexy silver haircut is the modern version of the black roots/platinum-blonde street look. And as you can see it’s edgy, but softer than the original look. And that’s because the dark roots have gone and been replaced by an attractive, all-over silver-blonde shade. This makes the hair color design and the overall hairstyle appear more sophisticated and contemporary! The extreme side parting creates a strong asymmetry and sexy, peek-a-boo bangs that are great for balancing a long or round face!

20. Fine blonde balayage on short brunette pixie cut

Hottest Short Layered Haircuts for Women - Short Hairstyle Ideas

And finally, this simple short haircut for brunettes has lots of cute, new features to bring it right up to date. The nape has been cut short with textured tips styled to stick out, rather than smooth down for a hedge-hog like finish! And the long layers above are highlighted with fine, vertical, blonde stripes that add another layer of color that creates 3-D depth. So you get a trendy haircut that has neat lines and a fashionable touch of tousled texture!

These appealing, contemporary styles are a great way to show your individuality and trendy style. Each haircut and color design is suitable for everyday wear and special events. So you can look and feel attractive every day of the year!

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