Beach Messy Waves, Girls Long Hair

Beach Messy Waves: Girls Long Hair

Soft and charming waves are added from the top of the head to the hair ends of the thick hair to create the look style and much volume. The long tresses in beach messy waves with a sexy middle part look cute and charming.

The splendid curls can offer a feminine and romantic look. The fabulous medium wavy style can charmingly enhance the face showing off the presentable soft glossy tousled waves added to the mid-lengths to bring the style much movement and shape. The locks in tousled waves can earn you many head-turns since its super charm and grace. This is quite effortless to re-create with hot-rollers.

Styling Steps

  1. Use a diffuser on damp hair to activate any natural wave.
  2. Next, curl random sections with a large curling iron to make soft curls and to add volumes. Take a small part of hair and place the ends at the base of the curling iron barrel and then cover the hair up round the barrel. Take the hair for several seconds and then release the hair by unwinding the hair backwards.
  3. Create a center part and long side sweeping bangs to contour the pretty face shape.

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