Cute Pixie Haircut, Frankie Sandford Hair

Cute Pixie Haircut: Frankie Sandford Hair

The length of the sexy layered razor hairstyle hair is jagged cut. Leave only long layers cut round the edges in order to make the hairstyle softer and tender.

Jagged cut bangs place wonderfully on the forehead to frame the top of your face and make the low-fuss hairstyle superbly. The smooth straight subtly layered looks cute and charming. The splendid layered razor cut is ideal for people with round face structures.

Styling Steps

  • Trim the hair from the side and create the back one longer than the side one. Cut layers up to the top and round the sides to form this gorgeous shape that matches perfectly for people wishing to be attracted.
  • Create some side sweeping bangs to pair the splendid hairstyle.
  • At last, spray a little amount of hairspray at an-arm-length distance to the top, sides and back part.

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