Easy Long Hairstyles, Kourtney Kardashian Hair

Easy Long Hairstyles: Kourtney Kardashian Hair

The long smooth hairstyle is cut to sit at the jaw-line in a solid line. The elegant straight and tousled layered style can greatly contour the jaw-line showing off the jagged cut layers throughout the sides and back which enhances stunning shape to the simple length.

The fabulous and chic hairstyle is styled smooth at the top and crown of the head, and is ironed smooth with a dab of wax to keep the texture and straight edge, while offering an ultimate shine. It is quite simple to recreate the long hairstyle.

Styling Steps

  • Use a blow-dryer and flat paddle brush to blow the hair straight, and a flat iron for a silky finish.
  • Create various layers at the hair ends and the top to add much volume and style to the hair and make the look full of life.
  • Comb all the front hair back and fix it to expose the ideal forehead.

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