Easy Short Bob Haircut with Straight Hair - Short Straight Hairstyles for Women

10 Easy Short Bob Haircuts with Straight Hair

There’s a good reason why short bob haircuts have stayed popular for so many years! They’re face-flattering, easy to style and always look fashionable! And they’re also the perfect background to show off a beautiful new hair color on smooth, healthy hair. Take a look at these gorgeous cut-and-color ideas!

1. Smooth ash-blonde angled style – easy short bob hairstyles for straight hair

Easy Short Bob Haircut with Straight Hair - Short Straight Hairstyles for Women


This versatile and attractive style is perfect for young and mature women. And the latest twist is to have the nape left in long layers, with a concave cut that sculpts hair into a nice curve. This is also easier to manage if you color your hair, as buzzed or stacked backs show up gray roots pretty quickly. The graduated angle and a centre-part produce the authentic 1960’s, ‘curtains’ look!

2. Light amber-blonde – easy short bob hairstyles for straight hair

This chin-length bob is neat and chic, especially with the highly fashionable color balayage. This season’s gorgeous amber-blonde shades add warmth without overpowering a trendy beige and golden-blonde color design. Notice how the stylist has created texture with slightly darker roots. And brightened up the face-framing strands with pale wheat-blonde. So with surface texture from defined strands, you get fabulous movement and thickness!

3. Mid-ash-gray curved bob – easy short bob hairstyles for straight hair

Texture doesn’t always have to be cute and tousled on straight hair. There’s a great new trend for side-swept back sections that adds a chic finish to short hairstyles. You can see it in image 3 above. And the separated strands also show soft-gray roots contrasted with the ash-gray top layers. This makes the hair seem thicker and adds lots of interest to an elegant, simple haircut. This blend of gray, beige and blonde has a subtle pink tone added for a softer finish.

4. Dove-gray – easy short bob hairstyles for straight hair

This soft, dove-gray color appears to be an ‘all-over’ hair color design. But it actually has lots of fine, vertical highlights in lighter ash-blonde. It’s a sophisticated, warm gray color with pink tones, making it a great complement to skin with neutral or warm undertones. The beautifully curved silhouette and asymmetric side-parting create a hint of mystery as one eye is partly hidden. And the smooth finish completes the lovely, less-is-more elegance!

5. Brunette short bob with copper balayage for thick hair

If you have medium to thick hair, you can easily get this trendy bob haircut with super shape and volume. Sliced layers and concave layering at the ends sculpt the hair into a well defined style. So it’s a very easy style to manage and falls into shape well after being washed. And to brighten up a dark brunette shade, add some jazzy, coppery balayage to emphasize the surface texture. This creates a far more interesting look to smooth sides and the lovely, rounded back!

6. Sexy soft ash short hairstyle with long bangs

Medium ash-blonde with beige tones is a great color idea for brunettes with brown eyes. This color suits skin with warm or neutral undertones, when cool ash-blonde would be too harsh. A deep side parting creates flattering asymmetry, which suits both round and long face shapes well. And wearing long, side-swept bangs creates that sexy, peek-a-boo look!

7. Subtle yellow balayage on ash short haircut

Ash-blonde and medium ash-beige-blonde are now both high fashion favorites. But every season needs to add a new twist to freshen the look. This beautifully cut, slanted bob does that perfectly with yellow balayage. There’s fabulous, yellow balayage highlighting the crown and the tips on either side of the chin. And the roots are slightly darker for a soft, shadowy effect. But not only that – there’s also a purple tone on the face-framing sections. And the result is incredibly elegant!

8. Golden-blonde balayaged long pixie hairstyle

Thin or fine hair can be cut and colored into some truly adorable hairstyles! And this golden-blonde balayage bob is a fine example. Long layers cut to curve in at the chin keep the original volume of the hair, without it being long enough to pull the hair flat. And forward-styling is a great way to get extra height. Medium neutral blonde roots add 3-D color dimension, without being harsh. And the centre-part divides to give the look of ‘open’ bangs that focus on your eye-color!

9. Trendy steep angled brunette bob hairdo with texture

Here’s a very clever cut and color that creates texture and movement with subtle techniques. The two smaller images show the gentle ombré balayage work, which is only a tone or two lighter than the model’s brunette hair. And it gives the impression of light being reflected off the hair, making it more attractive. The back has been expertly layered in a totally new way that creates fantastic texture! Add in the extra-long slope down to the front for a very classy new look!

10. Textured white-blonde bob hairstyle with back volume

This highly elegant hairstyle shows how a talented colorist can bring together cool and warm tones successfully. Mixed tones are this season’s major new trend and can easily be added to naturally blonde or white hair, to create a fashionable look for women of any age. The soft pale beige roots are adorable and surface texture is perfectly highlighted with touches of ice-blue balayage!

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