Eve Hewson Hairstyles

Eve Hewson Hairstyles

Sexy and bouncy curls added to the medium locks bring it a great deal of bounce and movement which is perfect for people with long face structures. The luscious waves can add much volume and bounce to the whole look. The stunning medium curls with framing bangs can enhance your charm and grace greatly and the luscious style is great for formal and informal occasions. The fabulous soft curls can make the whole style full of life and voluminous greatly. The softly curled hairstyle is quite simple to re-create with hot-rollers and it needs a bit of product to make it shine and hold.
Eve Hewson Hairstyles
Suitability Face Shape: Oval, Oblong, Square, and Diamond

Suitability Hair Density: Medium/Thick

Eve Hewson Hairstyles Styling Tip

Eve Hewson Hairstyle
To curl the hair into tousled curls and waves with a large curling iron, hot rollers or simply scrunching it dry if you have naturally curly hair. Create side swept bangs waves softly to frame the face charmingly and to create more charm and tender feel. Leave the soft curls sitting on the shoulders to show the soft and stunning length. Apply a bit of top-class hairspray to keep the long soft waves bouncy and shine longer.

How to Get Hair Like Eve Hewson

Eve Hewson Haircuts
1. Squeeze some styling mousse to evenly distribute to damp hair.

2. Drag the comb straight up till your hairline and then continue back in a straight way to get a straight left part. A side part is ideal option for longer face shapes since it can create the illusion of width.

Eve Hewson Medium Hair3. Use a large radial brush works well on the medium to long hair types. It can help make the wavy or curly hair textures neat and straight hair voluminous. A pure bristle radial brush is an ideal option as it doses no harm to your hair.

4. Position the comb under the hair at the nape/back and blow-dry. Hold up the dryer over the hair; drag the comb from the hair roots to the mid length. After reaching the hair ends, curve them under. Do the same step till the part becomes totally dry.

5. When blow-drying the hair at the sides pull a part of hair from the hair and pin the other part of hair. Position the comb under the section and then drag the comb and hair forward round your face (the curving motion form volume). Hold the hair-dryer on top of the comb till you reach the ends and then turn the ends under. Do the same step till the part becomes totally dry.

6. Use a large curling iron works well to achieve large soft curls and get volume and bounce.

7. Pull a part of hair and position your hair ends at the base of curling iron barrel and then wrap the hair up round the barrel till the mid-lengths. Hold the hair for about several seconds and then release it by unwinding the hair backwards.

8. Apply a bit of gel-wax to your fingertips and then lightly piece and pinch the hair ends.

9. Apply a bit of smoothing shine and then rub it throughout the mid-lengths and hair ends. Try not to add any to the hair roots or overmuch since smoothing shine may weigh it down and getting it oily.

10. Apply a bit of hairspray to keep it in great style.

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