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Short Hairstyles

20 Funky Short Hairstyle You Will Love

Our day to day routines can be plain enough. That doesn’t mean that your sense of style has to be. Make yourself feel alive with a hot new look, or that accessory that you’ve been eyeing for the last month. But, if clothing is not your thing, you can always turn to your hair. Different hairstyles, colours and cuts are a great way to play up your individual style. Are you a long haired beauty, or a short haired stunner? The choice is yours. For those of you with short hair, here is some inspiration to add some “spunk” into your day to day life.

1. Pink Spunk

Pink Spunk
Pink Spunk/via

Nothing says funky like this radical undercut. The pink hair is bold accent!

2. Intense Side Sweep

Intense Side Sweep
Intense Side Sweep/via

It’s dark, edgy and incredibly mysterious. Sound like you? Give it a try.

3. Edgy Undercut

Edgy Undercut
Edgy Undercut/via

This stunning undercut is glamorous and risky.

4. Rough on the Edges

Rough on the Edges
Rough on the Edges/via

This razor chopped pixie is just the thing you need to add some real edge to your look.

5. Swept in the Wind

Swept in the Wind
Swept in the Wind/via

Gorgeous and light, this look proves that funky doesn’t always have to be intense.

6. A Blunt Hint of Colour

A Blunt Hint of Colour
A Blunt Hint of Colour/via

This blunt cut, with a splash of colour, is exotic and tres chic.

7. Spiked Perfection: Short Layered Hairstyle for Black Women

Spiked Perfection
Spiked Perfection/via

You can’t say “funky” without any spikes showing up. This spiky cut is everything we dreamed and more!

8. Dark Volume

Dark Volume
Dark Volume/via

Ginnifer Goodwin once again glows. This voluminous cut is stunning in every way.

9. Blunt and Blue

Blunt and Blue
Blunt and Blue/via

Another bold take on adding colour! Combined with this ragged cut? Perfection.

10. Separate Directions

Separate Directions
Separate Directions/via

Go against the mould and go against your part with this wacky do!

11. For Risk Takers Only

For Risk Takers Only
For Risk Takers Only/via

Or, if your feeling really wild, this is always an “out there” option.

12. Forwards Mohawk

Forwards Mohawk
Forwards Mohawk/via

A chic take on the traditional mohawk, this look is definitely high fashion.

13. Wild and Young

Wild and Young
Wild and Young/via

Or, simply let your locks go where they may!

14. In All Directions: Messy Pixie Hair Cut

In all Directions
In all Directions/via

Throw caution to the wind! Being funky is about going against the norm.

15. Blunt Chop

Blunt Chop
Blunt Chop/via

For a more subtle look, try out this ultra hot staircase cut!

16. The Undercut Sweep

The Undercut Sweep
The Undercut Sweep/via

But, these days, it’s really all about that undercut. This sweeping version of it is edgy, with a touch of feminine softness.

17. Blunt Bangs Pixie

Blunt Bangs Pixie
Blunt Bangs Pixie/via

Blunt bangs are an easy way to turn an ordinary pixie, into a risky one.

18. The Curly Hawk

The Curly Hawk
The Curly Hawk/via

Gorgeous and undeniably unique, this cut is for all your curly haired beauties.

19. Curly Part

Curly Part
Curly Part/via

Chic and dangerous is what this look says, but soft and sweet are what those finger curls are.

20. Splash of Colour: Cute Short Bob Haircut with Bangs

Splash of Colour
Splash of Colour/via

A more subtle take on the “splash of colour,” but equally effective!