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20 Gorgeous Hairstyles for Women With Thick Hair

Thick hair can be a pain, especially in the hot months of summer. No one wants to have a pony tail all summer long. Naturally, girls turn to thinning out their hair, which is fine if that’s what you prefer. However, there are a lot of great styles for women with thick hair that don’t require thinning. So before you take the plunge, check out these looks for some last minute inspiration!

1. Messy Pixie

Messy Pixie
Messy Pixie/via

Do what thousands of others are doing and chop it off! With your thick hair you’ll have amazing texture and volume.

2. Side Parted Waves

Side Parted Waves
Side Parted Waves/via

Gentle waves and a gorgeous side part is a stunning look to try!

3. Layered Bob

Layered Bob
Layered Bob/via

Lighten your hair with layering instead of thinning. It will look amazing!

4. Messy Straight Bob

Messy Straight Bob
Messy Straight Bob/via

Messy and straight? Perfect combination for your thick locks.

5. Wavy Bob

Wavy Bob
Wavy Bob/via

Or, get some simple waves going!

6. Thick Pixie

Thick Pixie
Thick Pixie/via

You really can’t go wrong with a pixie, and this cut proves it.

7. Choppy Layers

Choppy Layers
Choppy Layers/via

Don’t limit yourself to smooth layers. Get messy with some choppy ones too!

8. Thick Curls

Thick Curls
Thick Curls/via

Take advantage of your natural volume and create some thick curls!

9. Smooth and Asymmetrical: Medium Bob Haircut with Blonde Straight Hair

Smooth and Asymmetrical
Smooth and Asymmetrical/via

Smooth your hair out for the illusion of thinner hair, and while your add it why not add a flair of creativity and play with the lengths!

10. Stunning Waves

Stunning Waves
Stunning Waves/via

Stunning and elegant waves are bound to look excellent on.

11. Varying Lengths: Layered Pixie Haircut

Varying Lengths
Varying Lengths/via

Play around with the lengths of your pixie too!

12. Beautifully Framed: Easy Everyday Hairstyles

Beautifully Framed
Beautifully Framed/via

Not only is framed hair chic, it’s also incredibly flattering.

13. Rounded Layers: Short Bob Hair Style

Rounded Layers
Rounded Layers/via

Another kind of layers that are equally stunning!

14. Choppy Blunt Pixie: Cute Short Hairstyle

Choppy, Blunt Pixie
Choppy, Blunt Pixie/via

Choppy, yet blunt, this pixie is light, refreshing and undeniably stylish.

15. Subtle Undercut: Asymmetrical Short Hairstyle

Subtle Undercut
Subtle Undercut/via

We’re all about the undercut these days, and with your thick hair, you’ll have natural volume without needing to gel anything!

16. Choppy Waves

Choppy Waves
Choppy Waves/via

Who says waves can’t be choppy? These ones are chic while retaining a bit of edginess.

17. Very Thick Pixie

Very Thick Pixie
Very Thick Pixie/via

Sweepingly thick, this pixie is just the thing for all of you!

18. Short and Wavy

Short and Wavy
Short and Wavy/via

You also can’t go wrong with beach wavy like this.

19. Sleek and Smooth: Straight Bob Haircut

Sleek and Smooth
Sleek and Smooth/via

Bangs are another great way to lighten you hair without thinning!

20. Thick Sense of Style: Blonde Short Haircut

Thick Sense of Style
Thick Sense of Style/via

What ever you choose, make sure it suits who you are.