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20 Gorgeous Updo Hairstyles for Short Hair

Short hair, while fun and refreshing, can also be a pain. When it comes to variety, options are limited in comparison to those with long hair. I know. I struggled with this. However, that doesn’t mean that there aren’t some stunning and simple updos that work on short hair, because there are plenty. All it takes is a little bit of creativity and time and the ability to make braids. They will be your saviour. Trust me.

1. Messy Pinned Bun

Messy Pinned Bun

Messy Pinned Bun/via

Forget trying to get all your hair into a ponytail. With short hair, that is an impossible task. Instead, grab a handful of bobby pins and go crazy!

2. Double Twist

Double Twist

Double Twist/via

This gorgeous double twist is simple and stunning. Bonus? It takes less than a minute to do.

3, Voluminous Waves

Voluminous Waves

Voluminous Waves/via

You can never go wrong with big waves!

4. Triple Layer Bun

Triple Layer Bun

Triple Layer Bun/via

Who knew short hair could have so many layers? This look is soft and flattering on all.

5. Half Up

Half Up

Half Up/via

A classic when it comes to short hair updos.

6. Braids Galore

Braids Galore

Braids Galore/via

Do it up with beautiful braids and a triple bun.

7. Pinned Under

Pinned Under

Pinned Under/via

When in doubt pin your hair away! It’s the perfect updo that works for work and a fancy night out.

8. Hidden Twist

Hidden Twist

Hidden Twist/via

This stunning do may be tricky, but it is definitely worth it.

9. Casually Done Up

Casually Done Up

Casually Done Up/via

Keep it casual with this naturally beautiful look. The loose waves around your face will be very flattering and feminine.

10. Wind Blown (With Hairspray)

Wind Blow (With Hairspray)

Wind Blow (With Hairspray)/via

While it looks natural, we all know it’s not. But that doesn’t mean it won’t work for you!

11. Pompadour



Play with volume! Have fun styling a look like this for your next outing.

12. Illusion of Curls

Illusion of Curls

Illusion of Curls/via

Tight coils pinned into place is an easy way to make your straight hair look wavy!

13. Wild Ringlets and a Clip

Wild Ringlets and a Clip

Wild Ringlets and a Clip/via

Restrain some wild curls with a fancy clip!

14. Rope Twist and a Bow

Rope Twist and a Bow

Rope Twist and a Bow/via

For a more casual look, try this gorgeous rope twist. Jazz it up with a simple bow.

15. Curls and a Headband

Curls and a Headband

Curls and a Headband/via

It’s all about the accessories when it comes to short hair. A thin headband can be a life saver!

16. Optical Illusion Braid

Optical Illusion Braid

Optical Illusion Braid/via

It never ends! You may have to look up a tutorial for this one.

17. The Stefani Curl

The Stefani Curl

The Stefani Curl/via

Pop sensation Gwen Stefani made this look famous. Who says you can’t rock a more subtle version of it?

18. Pearl Pins

Peal Pins

Peal Pins/via

Nothing classes up your standard hairdo like some pearl pins!

19. Tucked Away: Short, Updo Hairstyles with Bangs

Tucked Away

Tucked Away/via

Again, I stress the need for pins. You can do anything with them.

20. Slick Back with Hidden Braids:  Prom Hairstyle Ideas with Short Hair

Slick Back with Hidden Braids

Slick Back with Hidden Braids/via

But if you’re looking for a hairdo with more edge, this may suite you best of all.

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