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Top 10 Latest Trendy Pixie Haircuts for Women

Pixie haircuts can be intimidating, but they are also very flattering and–even better–amazingly quick and easy to style on a daily basis.

If you’re ready to commit to a pixie yourself, check out the latest trendy pixie haircuts for women before you head to the salon.

1. Spiky Platinum Blonde Pixie Cut with Asymmetrical Side-Swept Bangs

Start sleeping in later even on your earliest mornings with this platinum blonde pixie cut that is super easy to manage and takes minutes or less to style in the morning.

This bold and edgy platinum blonde pixie cut features spiky layers and asymmetrical side-swept bangs that give it a feminine, flattering finish.

2. White Blonde Pixie with Asymmetrical Fringe and Shaved Sides

Super short asymmetrical fringe can be tough to pull off and so can shaved sides, but this pixie cut serves as the perfect example of how to rock both with ease.

The cropped ends of this multi-layered pixie are heavily texturized and transition seamlessly into shaved sides. The asymmetrical fringe of this cut can be styled in many different ways–side-swept, pulled forward, etc. The white blonde all-over color of this pixie gives this cut extra edginess and unique femininity as well.

3. Tousled Cool Blonde Pixie Cut with Shadow Root and Shaved Back and Sides

Cool blonde can be a tough color to pull off, as it is very difficult to make all-over cool blonde hair look at all natural. This pixie cut, however, combines a brunette shadow root with evenly toned cool blonde layers for an incredibly natural-looking finish.

Its shaved back and sides make this pixie cut even easier to style and manage on a daily basis and highlight its cool blonde longer layers on top in the best possible way.

4. Texturized Pixie with Side-Swept Bangs and Balayage

This pixie cut features longer layers on top that give this cut a feminine finishing touch and give you more styling freedom.

It features brunette roots with blonde balayage at the ends of its longer layers. This balayage adds warmth and gives this cut a multi-dimensional finish. Plus, the ends of this pixie cut are heavily texturized and feathered to keep this cut from coming off as bulky or excessively heavy.

5. Cool Blonde Pixie Cut with Asymmetrical Layers and Side-Swept Bangs

Anyone can rock this straightforward, cool blonde pixie cut that is super on-trend, super easy to style, and flattering for a wide range of hair types and textures.

Its long, side-swept bangs on one side add interest and balance to this pixie cut, and its cropped layers on top give this pixie plenty of volume and dimension to prevent it from laying too flat against your head.

6. Tousled Auburn Pixie with Long Layers

This auburn pixie is definitely one of a kind. It is definitely an intimidating cut that is not for everyone, but if you are interested in rocking an off-the-wall style, look no further than this ultra-bold pixie cut.

Featuring blunt, choppy ends and long side-swept layers in front, this pixie cut is hard to ignore and will definitely set you apart from the crowd and turn heads anywhere you go. Lightened ends and a messy-on-purpose style add warmth and dimension to this unusual pixie cut and help balance out its intentionally choppy layers.

7. Millennial Pink Wavy Pixie Cut

There’s nothing trendier than millennial pink, so why not incorporate it into your next hairstyle? It’s not as much of a fashion risk as you might think.

This pixie cut is unique and on-trend with its millennial pink all-over color and long, face-framing layers in front. It is perfect for women with naturally wavy hair. However, you can also scrunch it for a wavier finish if you have naturally straight hair.

8. Wavy Green Asymmetrical Pixie with Brunette Shadow Root

Green is one of the most difficult colors to pull off for hair. More often than not, green hair ends up looking more like a dye job gone wrong than an intentional style.

That being said, this asymmetrical pixie shows how you can pull off green hair in a flattering, stylish way. Its asymmetrical layers complement its off-the-wall color. Plus, its brunette shadow root adds a natural-looking finishing touch to this bright-colored haircut and helps you go longer without heading to the salon for a root re-touch.

9. White Blonde Side-Swept Pixie with Dark Shadow Root

This white blonde pixie is perfect for women who want to try out a classic bold, edgy pixie haircut. It features long, side-swept layers in front that frame your face and put your best facial features in the spotlight. Its dark brown shadow root balances out its all-over, white blonde color and gives this pixie cut a natural-looking finish.

To top it off, the layers of this pixie cut in the above picture are super smooth and shiny. Achieve that shiny, smooth style yourself in your own hair by applying a liberal amount of the smooth and shine serum of your choice to your top layers.

10. Light Brown Pixie with Highlights and Long Side Bangs

If you’re looking for a straightforward, classic pixie haircut, look no further than the style in the above picture.

Warm blonde highlights balance out the light brown all-over color of this pixie. The highlights add balance and multi-dimensionality to this cut. Long side bangs and a deep side part also add more balance and interest to this classic, easy to manage haircut as well.

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