Long Hairstyles with Blunt Bangs, Chanel Iman Ombre Hair

Long Hairstyles with Blunt Bangs: Chanel Iman Ombre Hair

Long flowing locks are always a symbol of charm and beauty. The proper bangs can add much style and charm to your long hair and bangs can also cover up a large forehead.

Long hair with bangs is of unmatched charm. The layers can make your face shape look more attractive and graceful. The sleek layered hairstyle looks fun and luscious.

Styling Steps

  • Cut the hair that is below your shoulders into deep layers, beginning from your jaw line or chin level.
  • Then cut some thin neat bangs, which touch your eyebrow level. Use a razor and remove the most hair then you can get the wispy hair ends.
  • To gain more special factors, you can color the lower part hair into brown golden tones to form an impressive and eye-catching effect.

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