Long Wavy Ombre Hair, Wavy Hairstyles Trends
Long Wavy Hairstyles

Long Wavy Ombre Hair: Wavy Hairstyles Trends

The impressive long ombre locks sit charmingly to enhance the face showing off the loose soft curls added to the mid-lengths to bring the hairstyle much movement and shape.

The long locks in soft waves can earn you many head-turns since its super charm and grace. The casual style is quite simple to re-create with hot rollers or a large curling iron. Curl mid-lengths and ends with a curling iron. Pull a part of hair and position your hair ends at the base of curling iron barrel and then wrap the hair up round the barrel till the mid-lengths. Hold the hair for about 8 seconds and then release it by unwinding the hair backwards. Leave the hair sitting on the shoulders to make the whole style more charming and graceful.

Length: Long
Type: Waves
Hair Color: Ombre Hair Styles