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20 Fabulous Ombre Hair for Short Hair Styles

Everyone is going crazy about ombre hair. From celebrities like Kylie Jenner to every day moms, teens and working women. I mean, can you blame them? This stunning look gives off the illusion of being natural. The gorgeous range of colours, is to die for. But, the best thing of all is that it works on all hair lengths, from pixies, to bobs and beyond. This is a look that anyone can pull off. To prove it, here are some of the hottest short ombre looks today.

1. Ombre Afro

Ombre Afro

Ombre Afro/via

This gorgeous afro captures the true elegance and inspiration that ombre looks can provide.

2. Hint of Pink

Hint of Pink

Hint of Pink/via

A look like this doesn’t have to appear natural. It’s a great way to play around with colours!

3. Luscious and Subtle

Lushious and Subtle

Lushious and Subtle/via

This subtle look proves that not all ombre looks are dramatic.

4. Asymmetrical



Asymmetry is a wonderful compliment to ombre hair like this!

5. Two Tone

Two Tone

Two Tone/via

But, if you want to get more dramatic, two toned hair is the way to go.

6. Undercut Ombre

Undercut Ombre

Undercut Ombre/via

What’s a better combination than two of the most trending styles today?

7. Rainbow Ombre

Rainbow Ombre

Rainbow Ombre/via

This gorgeous looks is stunning for it vibrant and exotic colours.

8. Classic Ombre

Classic Ombre

Classic Ombre/via

Keep it classy with this traditional ombre pixie.

9. Intense Ombre

Intense Ombre

Intense Ombre/via

For a more dramatic change, try this cut by Miley Cyrus.

10. Feathered Ombre

Feathered Ombre

Feathered Ombre/via

A feathered look is a great way to show off colour.

11. Simple Waves

Simple Waves

Simple Waves/via

Simple waves and a gorgeous part are sure to accent your ombre locks.

12. Subtle Look

Subtle Look

Subtle Look/via

Another example of a subtle look that remains playful.

13. Blonde Ombre

Blonde Ombre

Blonde Ombre/via

These tips are edgy and stunning!

14. Dark to Blonde Ombre

Dark to Blonde OMbre

Dark to Blonde Ombre/via

This hair is simply perfect. The stunning gradient is extremely flattering and gorgeous.

15. Curly Ombre

Curly Ombre

Curly Ombre/via

But, you don’t have to be a straight haired beauty to pull off this trending style. It looks great on curls too.

16. Ombre Tips

Ombre Tips

Ombre Tips/via

For a unique and edgy look, just do the tips instead of a full head gradient!

17. Beyonce Ombre

Beyonce Ombre

Beyonce Ombre/via

Let’s face it, has there ever been a look that Beyonce hasn’t rocked?

19. Fringe Ombre

Fringe Ombre

Fringe Ombre/via

Emma Stone displays a breath taking ombre look!

20. Radical Ombre

Radical Ombre

Radical Ombre/via

In the end, you can be subtle or radical like this cut here. The choice is yours.

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