Short Shag Hairstyles, Women Simple Haircut for Short Hair

10 Short Shag Hairstyles for Women – Simple Haircuts for Short Hair

These simple, but highly stylish, short shaggy haircuts are a masterclass in the latest, blonde balayage effects!  And as today’s gallery is for short, shag hairstyles, thick hair isn’t always necessary to sport your own version of this casual coiffure.  Blonde balayage thickens hair strands so fine hair gains more body and looks great in a short, multi-layered shag haircut!   So come on in – there’s a fashionable new look for everyone in this up-to-the-minute selection!

Fashionable everyday short shag hairstyles – women’s simple haircuts for short hair

Short Shag Hairstyles, Women Simple Haircut for Short Hair


And first off the mark today is this cool shag hairstyle with a dual-blonde color over light-brown roots!  The main neutral-blonde color has been highlighted in a lovely, hazel-nut balayage.  And you can see how well the varied colors accentuate the shaggy, angled bob layering and wispy, textured tips.  With short layering adding natural volume at the back and long layers at the sides, this style can be adjusted to suit all face shapes!  It’s a great everyday style that’s easy-care – but very fashionable.

Soft & pretty – short shag hairstyles & women’s simple haircuts for short hair

This slightly longer angled bob shag cut is one of the lovely styles you can wear on fine hair.  And although fine hair lacks the density of coarse hair, it makes up by having lovely silky texture and movement!  The colorist has concentrated the balayage on the ends of the hair strands to give the impression of more thickness.  And there are three shades in this fabulous tousled cut, including trendy copper at the back.  Waves add volume and light blonde is used to frame the face with a soft, flattering line!

New black & blonde short shag hairstyles – women’s simple haircuts for short hair

Simple doesn’t mean, ‘plain’, as you can see from this chic hair-fashion shoot!  The punky ‘undercut’ trend has been incredibly popular and makes the perfect urban chic look for a stylish party-goer.  This model’s fine hair has been bleached and styled into a hot, sassy quiff showing off her beautifully made-up party face.  And instead of side-points, this season’s new twist on buzzed sides is the horizontal line.  With charcoal-gray roots softening the look, this is a thoroughly modern short hairstyle!

Sweetly feminine – short shag hairstyles & women’s simple haircuts for short hair

If you’re into white lace and romance this cute, chin-length bob has an attractive simplicity about it.  The long, deep fringe is a super way to draw attention to your modestly down-cast, (or flirty), eyes.  And the forward styled sides are positively pointing to this model’s kissable lips!  The brown roots harmonize well with the mid-golden-blonde top layers and subtle pale blonde balayage.  So although this is a very carefully designed cut-and-color – the effect is appealingly natural!

4 fab views of dark coffee & beige short shag hairstyles & women’s simple haircuts for short hair

Four views of a hairstyle are always much better when you want your stylist to copy a trendy new look!  So I was pleased to receive this set of pics for my shaggy haircut gallery today.  This style has long layers, with textured tips to get the shaggy look, and a triple-color design.  Deep coffee-brown contrast-roots are softer than black and beige-blonde in two shades completes a well harmonized look.  The finish is tousled with an extra-long full fringe that can be swept up for a chic evening look.

Soft-gray roots on long shaggy blonde pixie

We love the originality of this long shaggy pixie haircut with lovely, dove-gray roots!  This soft shade looks great with platinum-blonde and accentuates this model’s gorgeous gray eye-color in a very clever way.  The trendy swept across top and long shaggy side sections make a great short cut for fine to medium hair. However, I’m not totally convinced that berry-red blusher and lipstick shade suits the model’s cool skin tone.  So we all need to remember that a dramatic hair color should be complemented with the right cosmetics, or it can look unflattering.

Pale-beige all-over color on messy basin-cut for fine hair

This model also has pale blonde highlighting her short, messy hairstyle, but it looks great with a soft pink lip-color.  This buzzed ‘undercut’ style has an edgy vibe from the absence of side-points, which is a feature of this season’s short hairstyles.  Long layers are styled forwards in a windswept finish that creates attractive texture.  Light brown roots add color density without compromising the model’s natural beauty style.

Twisty bends & waves add volume to tousled short hairstyle in soft beige

Ash-blonde shades suit pale skins with a cool undertone, but fair skin with warm tones needs a beige-blonde to create a flattering color harmony.  And the colorist has chosen a wonderfully flattering dual-blonde balayage for this blue-eyed beauty!  It’s also worth noting that when a colorist does a good job matching your natural skin-tone, the color will still look great if you get a sun-tan.  This casual style is good for balancing out a round face shape, as the bangs and asymmetrical, straightened tips break up a circular shape.

Simple ash-beige blonde style for bridal or evening wear

Here’s another new color bringing a modern twist to a long pixie haircut.  This is ash-beige blonde with the tiniest hint of pink to match the model’s warm skin tone really well.  And knowing your hair has been cut in a fashionable style that suits your face-shape and skin-tone perfectly is probably the best way to lift flagging self-confidence!  This model is actually shopping for an evening gown to wear at her wedding dinner, and this chic hairstyle will ensure she looks absolutely fabulous!

Sporty & girly short haircut for medium or fine hair

This short and sporty look also has long layering for a sexy side-swept fringe and a feminine finish!  The sporty vibe comes from the neatly buzzed nape, but long side-points soften the sides.  The colorist has chosen to leave the roots in their natural light-brown shade, beneath bright ivory-blonde layers.  This creates the 3-D color depth that’s great for making fine hair appear thicker and softens the overall look!

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