Taylor Swift Updo Hairstyles, Long Hair for Prom

Taylor Swift Updo Hairstyles: Long Hair for Prom

This is a graceful hairstyle that is all of shape and silhouette. The hairstyle offers beautifully-clean lines and smooth styling to match any face. The hair is worked into three vertical sections.

The lowest part is created into the large bun at the nape; the middle is smoothed out and rolled into generous coils that are then invisibly pinned. The top slightly overlaps and features another coil that is slung into a loose knot. It is simple to create. Comb all the hair back. Create neat heavy bangs. Gather the back part in the nape, and then pin up with pins to shape coils and twists full of motion and romance while smooth the front of the hair as can be with one teasing strand gracing the face with an elegant diagonal line.

Length: Long
Type: Updos; Blunt Bangs
Hair Color: Light Golden Blonde

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