20 Short Haircut Ideas: Add Some Spike To Your Short Hair

Short hair is all the rage, but styling it is enough to make you become enraged. Those edgy styles in magazines? You know, the ones that look flawless and simple? Those people rarely rolled out of bed that way. Short hair has a tendency to go flat unless you style it, or get it cut in a specific way. With summer at our doorstep, the last thing anyone wants is to spend hours in front of the mirror, when they could be soaking in those delicious rays of sun. For all you short haired ladies out there, here are some simple styles that require an easy cut, or a palm full of gel.

1. A Softer Faux Hawk

A Softer Faux Hawk
A Softer Faux Hawk/via

The shaved sides give you edge, while the soft faux hawk adds an undeniably feminine feel to this look.

2. Soft and Messy

The Soft Messy Do
The Soft Messy Do/via

Incredibly elegant, this softer look gives you the volume you need!

3. Sultry and Sweeping

Sultry and Sweeping
Sultry and Sweeping/via

This simple look is the one we all strive for. A simple cut once every 4 weeks is all you need to maintain this style.

4. Edgy Lift

Edgy Lift
Edgy Lift/via

A chic ramp like this takes a little time, but it’s worth it if you can pull it off.

5. Boy Short Confidence

Boy Short Confidence
Boy Short Confidence/via

Compliment this look with some dazzling eye makeup!

6. Miley Cyrus Faux Hawk Hairstyle for Short Hair

Miley Cyrus Fauxhawk
Miley Cyrus Fauxhawk/via

She nails it, and so can you! A simple faux hawk is all you need to amp up your daily style.

7. The Berry Swoop

The Berry Swoop
The Berry Swoop/via

A short hair icon, Halle Berry shows us how it’s done.

8. Elegant and Smooth: Pixie Haircut with Layers

Elegant and Smooth
Elegant and Smooth/via

It’s simple, smooth and perfect for any outing, formal or casual!

9. Sophisticated and Casual

Sophisticated and Casual
Sophisticated and Casual/via

Another variation on the faux hawk that is work and play friendly!

10. Edgy Like Ginny

Edgy Like Ginny
Edgy Like Ginny/via

Ginnifer Goodwin sets the bar for edgy short cuts. This one is no exception.

11. Pretty and Purple

Pretty and Purple
Pretty and Purple/via

Known for being bold, Kelly Osbourne shows us that being daring pays off!

12. Blunt Edges

Blunt Edges
Blunt Edges/via

Blunt edges create a unique look when it comes to spiking your hair. Give it a go and see what you think.

13. Feather Soft

Feather Soft
Feather Soft/via

Not all spiky hair needs to be bold and radical. This soft style works on any face.

14. Minimalistic Style

Minimalistic Style
Minimalistic Style/via

Another great example of how simplicity can be equally beautiful and chic.

15. Grunge Chic

Grunge Chic
Grunge Chic/via

Cake on that eyeliner and tousle up those locks to get this grungy look.

16. Anti-Gravity


This soft look is almost an optical illusion. Stunning and chic, this is definitely a look to try.

17. Bold Colour

Bold Colour
Bold Colour/via

For the risk takers among us, nothing says bold like a dash of colour.

18. The Classic Cut

The Classic Cut
The Classic Cut/via

The haircut that started it all. If you don’t know where to start, you can always go back to the origins.

19. The Sharon Stone

The Sharon Stone
The Sharon Stone/via

This cut is undeniably gorgeous, and you don’t have to be Sharon Stone to pull it off.

20. Symmetrical Perfection

Symmetrical Perfection
Symmetrical Perfection/via

A dab of pastel colour and symmetrical cut is just the thing if you are looking to try something new.

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