Alicia Keys Short Bob Haircut: The back of the attractive hairstyle is tapered into the neck, and make jagged layers till the top and sides. Thus it can enhance the face shape and offers more softness and tender to the whole style. Lift sections from the roots to encourage fullness.

The a-lined blunt bob is cut to sit at the jaw-line in a solid line. The hair at the nape area is cut at a short length and every side is cut to graduate to a longer length since it blends towards the front section. It is quite effortless to recreate it to gain the bob for people with medium hair. Smooth all the hair. Trim the hair section by section. Style the hair from an angled part, blowing it out with a round brush. Create a side part to contour charming face.

Alicia Keys Hairstyle
Length: Short
Type: Straight
Hair Color: Black; Expresso