10 Fantastic Dip Dye Hair Ideas

Light Brown, Blonde Ombré - Pink Dip Dye Hair

Tired of the same old, same old when it comes to your hair, but don’t want to completely change your entire look? Consider dip-dying your locks! With dip-dying, you can shake your entire look up in any color of your choosing. Don’t like the color? Dip-dye into another shade and try it on for size. There’s tons of different color combos to choose from, but these 10 dip-dye ideas will get the ball rolling. Black and Aqua: Ombre Lob Hairstyles with Thick Hair If you prefer to live your life on the dark side, consider sprucing it up a tad with some dip-dye aqua. This creates a...[Read more]

27 Trendy Updos for Medium Length Hair

Tired of the same updos? Then switch things up with one of these trendy updos for medium length hair. Here you will find everything from casual and effortless to ultra-glamorous and sophisticated- plus so much more. Wrap-Around Braided Low Bun Casual? Yes. Chic? Yes. Still beautiful enough for a high-end social event? Absolutely. A low bun is quick and easy, and by simply tossing a braid above your bun you can create a striking style that pairs well with any earrings and apparel. Glamor Hawk: Chic Braid Updo Hairstyles Faux Hawks aren’t reserved for punk rock concerts and music...[Read more]

20 Stylish Striking Blue Hairstyles

Blue hair is undoubtedly one of the bingest trends right now, and you’ll want to dive in to this striking color after seeing these blue hairstyles. We’ve got it all, whether you’re looking for a mermaid-inspired hue or something a bit more dark and mysterious. Pastel Blue and Lavender Curly Color Melt: Curly Long Hair Being bright and fairylike is a dream many gals have, and this is an awesome way to showcase that dream! This majestic style infuses a light pastel blue shade with a few pastel lavender hues color melted inside for a very dreamy finish. Curl up your strands and...[Read more]

20 Stylish Designs to Have Silver and White Hair

Blonde hair– whether golden or platinum- has always been super popular, so it’s no secret that the majority of women go blonde at least once in their lifetime. But what about silver and grey? This is undeniably the hottest (and newest) trend of the season, and it’s taking over the hair industry by force. But how exactly are you supposed to wear grey and silver hair? For most of us, grey hair has been a big no-no in the past, so seeing it become one of the most trendiest colors of 2017 was certainly a shock. Well, we’re here to help you indulge in this trend with some...[Read more]

19 Glorious Pink Hair Style Ideas for Spring

Springtime! The flowers are blooming, the sun is peeking its head out, and summer is quickly approaching. Match up with the beauty of spring by indulging in one of these glorious pink hairstyle ideas. Pink is ALL the rage, so if you’re feeling daring, there’s no better time than spring to really GO FOR IT! Peachy Pink Ombré Long Hair: Pastel Hair Color Designs Choosing a pink with peach undertones can give you a more realistic effect than opting for a pastel or deep hue of pink. While of course this style is anything but all natural, it still has a sophisticated and subtle beauty...[Read more]

20 Lovely Hairstyle Ideas for Girls

Fancy occasions and big events need a hairstyle to match the night; but it can be hard to choose when there’s so many options out there! We’re here to make things easy for you. We’ve put together a list of some of the most romantic hairstyles there are, everything from subtle braids to gorgeous updos. There’s plenty of hairstyles to choose from this list, all of which will look absolutely splendid when paired up with your finest attire. Whether your hair is long or short, fine or thick, whether you’re going to the horse races or a wedding, you will definitely...[Read more]

20 Stylish Highlighted Hairstyles for Women

When it comes to your hairstyle, are you sick of the same ole, same ole? You can instantly switch up your look by simply tossing in some highlights to your mane. Go bold with a deep electric blue shade, or keep things tame with some subtle blonde highlights on your brunette base. There’s lots of ways to switch it up with highlights, and you can feel free to work with different colors until you find one you really enjoy. Enjoy a few peekaboo highlights underneath or go bold with highlights sewn all over your head from root to tip. Pinch of Pink: Easy Short Hair Style Adding just a pinch...[Read more]

25 Hairstyles for Spring 2020: Preview the Hair Trends Now

Straight Long Bob Hairstyle with Beaytiful Color

Here’s a summary of the major SS18 trends to help your choose your best hairstyles for spring 2017! Wet-look – best hairstyles for spring 2018 for sporty types Thakoon, Temperley and Alexander Wang all plumped for fresh-faced models radiating a sporty, healthy image. Thakoon’s inspiration is the paintings done by Paul Gauguin of women from the island of Tahiti in the 19th century. That means straight wet-look hairstyles, as if you’ve just stepped out of the foaming ocean onto a South Seas beach! Centre partings or brushed back from the forehead to hang loose – with just a slick...[Read more]

22 Stylish Lob Haircuts for a New Style

A Bob doesn’t have to be cut super short to be trendy and cute; and these looks prove it. Leave a little extra length in your locks for easy styling and indulge in one of these pretty mid-length bobs. Highlighted Undercut with Straight Lob Dealing with pesky, unmanageably thick hair? Instantly cut back on the bulk by indulging in an undercut. It’s an unbelievably hot trend for 2017 and gives your bob a bit of edge. Lightly Curled Layered Bob Short hair is a great choice for older women as well as younger, but this particular look is great for the professional woman who wants to...[Read more]

20 Ways to Style Sliver and Platinum Hair for Spring

Springtime is the best time to get rid of darker shades of hair and try out something lighter and brighter to match the beauty of the world around you; and silver and platinum blonde is the perfect way to go! Silver hair coloring is one of the trendiest hair color styles of 2017- believe it or not! No longer is gray subjected to older ladies, and is now seen on women and girls of the youngest ages. And as for platinum blonde? This is a hair color that truly never goes out of style and can look good on women of any age. Here you’ll see a great collection of silvery and white hairstyles...[Read more]

15 Cute Buns for Summer

What’s the biggest trend for 2017? Buns! They’re everywhere- from celebs to school girls and everyone in between. The best part about buns is they’re extremely versatile: keep it simple with a topknot in 2 seconds or add a bit more elegance to your style with curls and teasing. You’ll find a wide range of bun hairstyles on this list to fit any and all occasions, whether you’re getting ready for school in the morning or heading off to a wedding. Loose High Bun with Subtle Height Long layered locks can really make a beauteous high bun. Give your locks a bit of...[Read more]

20 Best Ways to Wear Brown Hair

Brown hair– it’s attractive, beautiful, and downright stunning. But just like any other color, leaving it one-noted can be a bit mundane. If you’re looking to switch things up a bit with some highlights or just lighten your overall style altogether, you’re sure to find a brown hairstyle on this look you adore. Will you choose a hairstyle that’s glowing with rich golden ombre? Or will you do a minimalist look with just a pinch of scattered highlights throughout? So many styles to choose from, you’ll be glad you were blessed with some rich brunette...[Read more]

19 Pretty French Braid Ponytail Ideas

French braids are undoubtedly one of the most popular braid styles in the hair world. They provide more depth and dimension than a normal three-strand braid, and provoke a very lovely finish. Here you will find an enticing collection of french braids ponytails that quickly glam up the rather dull look of a basic pony hairstyle. Decorated High Ponytail This look is SO cool- and the best part is, it’s not something you would see very often; which is awesome for ladies who love to make a statement. This high ponytail is decorated with a charming halo french braid, followed by a side swept...[Read more]

20 Lovely Brunette Hairstyles

Brunette hair– whether it’s dark, light, or a mix of the two- is always stunning. But if you’re getting tired of the same old hairstyles, you might be looking for ways to shake things up a bit. On this list you’ll find some of the most lovely hairstyles known to man. These brunette hairstyles will give you plenty of inspiration whether you’re going to work or going to prom. Braided Balayage When you’re dealing with ultra-rich and dark brunette hair coloring, you may find it hard to find a break in the monotony. To shake things up a bit and add some...[Read more]

20 Great Hair Ideas for Winter

As summer comes to an end, we hang up our frilly dresses and pull out our sweaters and boots; but one more common theme of the ending warmer months is to completely switch up our hairstyle. Bringing on the winter months means opting for a shade that will either 1. become brighter like the snow-capped mountains around us, or 2. become warmer like the fireplaces we kneel beside every night. We’ve come up with a list of some of the best hair ideas for winter, ones that are sure to swoon your heart and get you ready for any winter event, big or small. Indigo Curls There is simply something...[Read more]

20 Pretty, Everyday Hairstyles for Bun Updos

Buns are super popular right now, but the same old topknot or low bun can be a bit boring after a while. Spice things up and make your bun the star of the show with one of these elegant bun hairstyles. Curly Updo The easiest way to take your bun from everyday fun to glitz and glamour is to toss in some loose, luxurious curls. This curly updo is given a romantic appeal thanks to some lovely curled tresses, swept away from the face and tied up in a charming updo near the top of the crown. Alluring- absolutely! Reverse Dutch Braid Bun with Bandana A reverse dutch braid leading up to a high bun...[Read more]

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