20 Hot and Stylish Short Hairstyles for African American Women

There is so much diversity and range in the world of short hairstyles. Being a hot item right now, this is a style that is constantly expanding and developing. Every year we see new, chic looks make their debuts on the runways and in magazines. African American women have a whole new range of styles due to the natural texture and thickness of their hair. This opens a whole new realm of gorgeous possibilities. Are you stuck on how to style your hair? Are you looking to try something new? These styles are sure to blow you away.

1. Cornrow Mohawk

Cornrows Mohawk
Cornrows Mohawk/via

This stunning looks is unique and absolutely breath taking! It’s also a great way to stay cool this summer.

2. Wavy Undercut: Shaved Haircut with Short Curly Hair

Wavy Undercut
Wavy Undercut/via

Take advantage of your thick curls with this super chic and edgy look.

3. Party on Top: Messy Short Haircut for Black Women

party on top
party on top/via

Or, get even wilder with this free spirited look! This style is perfect for those with define jaw lines and striking eyes.

4. Elegant Pompadour: Straight Short Hairstyles

Elegant Pompadour
Elegant Pompadour/via

Take advantage of your thick locks in this gorgeously elegant look. This kind of grace takes real style to pull off.

5. Sleek and Sexy: Straight Long Bob Cut

Sleek and Sexy
Sleek and Sexy/via

Or, keep it simple and go sleek and sexy with this hot bob.

6. Cute Short Curls: Office Hairstyle Ideas for Black Women

Cute Curls
Cute Curls/via

These classic finger curls are just the thing to add a bit of class to your day to day life. Reminiscent of Hollywood Era style, they are sure to look fab.

7. Wild and Free

Wild and Free
Wild and Free/via

Go wild! Be free! Let your curls go where they may.

8. Grand Ringlets: Shaved Short Haircut

Grand RInglets
Grand Ringlets/via

Another variation of the undercut, these large ringlets are gorgeous and silky.

9. Edgy Undercut: Short Hair, Black with Red Highlights

Edgy Undercut
Edgy Undercut/via

Get even riskier! Try out this bold undercut that is both beautiful and rocking.

10. Casual Short Haircut with Side Sweep Long Bangs

Casual Sweep
Casual Sweep/via

This gorgeous sweeping style is a definite keeper. It’s simple and completely classic.

11. Spiked Up: Messy Pixie Haircut for Summer

Spiked Up
Spiked Up/via

Stack those curls and spike them out. The extra volume is stunning and flattering.

12. Colourful Hawk

Colourful Hawk
Colourful Hawk/via

Get creative with some bright colours and a Mohawk!

13. Sleek Pixie

Sleek Pixie
Sleek Pixie/via

Sleek and undeniably sexy, this sleek hairstyle is sure to please.

14. Braided Undercut

Braided Undercut
Braided Undercut/via

Gorgeous and unique, this braided undercut is a perfect way to bring up your style game.

15. Side Swept

Side Swept
Side Swept/via

Regal and elegant as ever, this side swept style is sure to stay in place with you stunning thick locks.

16. Twisted Hair: Cute Hair Styles for Black Women and Girls

Twisted Hair
Twisted Hair/via

This look is cute and playful. It’s an easy style that can be casual and elegant depending on what you wear.

17. Short and Natural

Short and Natural
Short and Natural/via

Keep it simple with a short cut like this. Little to no upkeep and it looks great!

18. A Wild Afro

A Wild Afro
A Wild Afro/via

Comb out your hair into a gorgeous Afro! Not everyone call pull it off, but those that do look incredible.

19. Short and Sexy

Short and Sexy
Short and Sexy/via

Go even shorter with this age-old look. It’s classic and looks stunning.

20. Volume on Top

Volume on Top
Volume on Top/via

Or, continue to stack and play up your incredible volume! The possibilities are endless.

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