Stylish Short Haircuts for Thick Hair - Cute Short Hairstyles for Women

10 Short Haircuts for Thick Hair – Highly Textured & Color Bright Looks

We’re getting more daring every year and looking for brighter, new short haircuts. Thick hair can be difficult to control, so it’s perfectly suited to short hairstyles. And with a modern stylist who knows how to use the latest cut and color techniques, you can be as outrageous or subtly chic as you like! Today’s gallery showcases the looks everyone will be wearing at your next big night out, so make sure you take a look and plan your new season makeover style!

1. Sassy true-red symmetrical bob with bangs – short haircuts for thick hair

Stylish Short Haircuts for Thick Hair - Cute Short Hairstyles for Women


Wow! Here’s a head-turning look that screams, ‘Let’s get this party started!’ And the mixture of 90’s gold-glamour and bling with a, ‘girl-next-door’ white T-shirt sets the scene for this fabulous,+ high-fashion look. The lightly-layered bob is cut into a classic, ‘Dutch-girl’ bob with extra width by the cheekbones. And just a hint of flipped up flirtiness at the tips. This is a great style to add width to a narrow face and the rich, coral-red shade and tousled finish give it a casual, contemporary look!

2. Chic classic blonde pixie with modern styling – short haircuts for thick hair

This is the classic, 60’s short pixie cut, which is a lovely haircut for showing off the facial features. And the stylist has made it even more appealing, with beautiful shades of pale golden blonde. The top is styled forwards from the crown and attractive asymmetry in the side-swept, piece-y bangs softens the line. Lighter-blonde balayaged sections frame the face, adding even more glamour to this super, textured short hairstyle!

3. Subtle neutral-blonde textured bob – short haircuts for thick hair

The nape-hugging back has started to take over from the popular, stacked back on short hairstyles for thick hair. And it creates a softer look than the geometric bob. This gorgeous asymmetric bob has long, sliced layers arranged to form deeply textured, modern, half-waves. The cute, forward-curved nape is echoed by forward styled texture from the back. And this meets the back-styled, side-swept fringe at the sides. Dainty, light balayage on medium neutral-blonde, accentuates the lovely movement!

4. Asymmetric short haircut for thick hair & glasses

Longer faces always benefit from a diagonal swathe of hair draped across the face. Not only does it give you a trendy look, it also ‘cuts down’ the length of face on show. And this extremely asymmetrical style is also great for round faces, that need a strong, off-centre line to distract from the roundness! Height on top adds extra ‘length’ for balancing out a round face. And this highly textured styling is part of the latest trend towards a raised-texture finish. Strong frames look great with a softer, wispy-tipped hairstyle to balance them!

5. Textured & tousled pixie haircut in medium-blonde

Ginger, orange and copper shades are this year’s breakthrough color and fortunately, there’s a great shade to suit every skin-tone! You don’t have to go bright orange to be trendy, as this lovely medium-blonde balayage demonstrates! It’s a fabulous way to ‘ginger-up’ your dirty-blonde or light brown natural color! This shapely hairstyle has a lovely curved back, which is beautifully graduated in to hug the nape. And the deeply-textured finish is the latest fashion-spin on tousled looks!

6. Soft curvy light-brown bob with starlight balayage

It’s good to see attractive shades of light-brown popping up in the favorite new hairstyles galleries. We need a subtle new shade, for natural hair colors that need a little extra color, but not an expensive blonde makeover. And this fabulous, curved bob has a modern, ‘starlight’ blonde balayage that moves horizontally across the side. It’s placed exactly at the widest point of the haircut, highlighting the lovely, curved shape and giving the impression that a light is shining on glossy, healthy hair!

7. Natty nape-hugging mid-brown bob with swept-across asymmetry

Thick hair looks great in short hairstyles and is very easy to manage for women with a busy life. This stylist has shaped the hair beautifully, using the thickness to sculpt a lovely bump of volume just below the crown. The asymmetrical, side-swept bangs can be adjusted to flatter a wide range of face shapes. And this style is a classic that suits any age group, too! The stylist has accentuated the lightly-tousled finish with dainty blonde balayage to add interest and a modern touch!

8. Peek-a-boo chin-length short blonde bob with long layers

You can totally transform dark-blonde hair, when you lighten it with a high-fashion blonde makeover! This lovely, light-beige blonde bob ends at the chin, which is extremely flattering for lots of face shapes. And if you have a narrow chin, you can balance it out beautifully with extra width from side-tresses draped either side.  Asymmetry allows you to almost cover one eye, giving a youthful, flirty look!

9. High-contrast taupe & blonde bob with textured finish

Hair casually pushed behind the ears creates a youthful, relaxed look that can completely transform your image! And this blonde and taupe hair color design takes the traditional black and white look and softens it for a fresh, modern version. In line with the new, yellow colors appearing in fantasy hair color – this blonde shade has a hint of light, lemon-yellow to give a fresh vibe! And the stylist has expertly blended spiky-tipped texture with contrasting half-waves for a fab, modern twist!

10. Vivid orange short puffy bob with surface texture

At last, orange, copper and auburn hair color is getting the attention it deserves this year! And this eye-catching, copper-orange bob shows why it’s the advertiser’s favorite hair color for women right now! A simple, puff-ball shaped bob is perfect for showing off a vivid hair color. And this beautiful, round bob has very subtle yellow balayage to highlight the textured finish!

The new, deeply-textured, short haircuts and cute balayage innovations offer us all a fantastic opportunity to update our beauty look. So whether you like a bright or a subtle color makeover, these updated bobs and pixies are as fresh as the fruit in a holiday cocktail!


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