Pretty Short bob Hairstyles with Color - Short Haircut Designs for Women

10 Short Bob Hairstyles with Cool Colors and New Patterns

Today’s inspiration gallery covers a lot of new ground with updated classic, short bob hairstyles. I’ve included something for everyone, with classic cuts, curtain bangs and cute all-over fantasy colors. Beige-blonde is still a very popular balayage trend for those who love its natural-blonde look. And, of course, this year’s major hair color of copper/orange/auburn is here, too! But most of all, there’s a totally new concept in balayage technique in the camouflage colors applied in a ‘bar-code’ pattern. It’s a real ‘break-through’ look and perfect for setting the fantasy hair trends wherever you live!

1. Chic easy-style everyday short cut – pretty short bob hairstyles with colors

Pretty Short bob Hairstyles with Color - Short Haircut Designs for Women


This is a great look for the busy professional woman, and for the busy mom, too! In fact, it’s an excellent everyday style that projects a classy image, and doesn’t need any special styling or loads of product. The gorgeous, natural beige-blonde color does all the work with a medium, neutral blonde roots and a reverse ombré! The parting can be adjusted to suit lots of different face shapes and it really is, ‘effortlessly chic’ all day long!

2. Vivid red with blonde border – pretty short bob hairstyles with colors

As a change from artistic, balayage techniques, you can’t beat these defined, border-highlights that frame the face. And for a vivid hair color design, this red-copper color contrasted with medium-beige blonde is a total triumph! Both of these colors are suitable for skin with cool undertones, even though people do associate red with warmth. But red contains blue pigment, so it’s a cool color. And with just touch of bendy wave and heavily textured tips, this is a fabulous contemporary look for everyday wear!

3. Sassy silver short cut for thick hair – pretty short bob hairstyles with colors

With pewter gray roots and shiny, metallic silver-blonde lower down, this eye-catching short hairstyle looks fantastic with black clothes and silver jewelry! In fact, it will look fab with all the gem-colors of winter fashion. Silver-blonde is a cool color that matches skin with cool undertones and light colored eyes. And you have to go quite light to get this look, so it’s usually only done on naturally light hair. The lovely bump of volume at the back and the asymmetric, draped fringe show this is an authentic 60’s bob – refreshed for a trendy, futuristic look!

4. Trendy turquoise & gray geometric bob with bangs – pretty short bob hairstyles with colors

What a fabulous new look this is! It’s a classic bob cut brought up-to-date with lovely turquoise hair color, fading into a subtle, reverse ombré. And although it’s a very precise and symmetrical haircut, the stylist has added a fabulous touch of asymmetry in the cute, gray streak at the front. Gray streaks are a new fashion trend just starting to appear from the top salons in the U.S., Australia and the U.K. and Europe. This pretty, modern cut is complemented by bleached eye-brows and a dramatic, but light, eye-makeup!

5. Soft snow-white blonde short straight bob

This is a great way to add fizz to a simple style that doesn’t need much attention between haircuts. If you have naturally blonde hair that’s maybe a bit ‘dirty-blonde’ these days, ask your stylist if it can be lightened. The roots have a fresh, clean look as they are not darker. But the lovely convex layers hugging the chin are light gray. And this gives a new spin to a cute, easy-care and fashionable bob haircut!

6. Cute green-blonde short hairstyle with straight-across bangs

Fine hair usually looks thicker when it’s cut in a short style and has blunt-cut tips like this contemporary hairstyle. The straight-across bangs are trendy and coming back into fashion fast. And instead of trying to decorate your fine hair with curls or waves – that often drop out straightaway – try using a pretty color. This is one of the prettiest green hair color designs I have seen. It blends blonde and pastel green so beautifully that it looks like the model’s natural color!

7. Amazing camouflage bar-code balayage on brunette hair

Wow! This is a fab innovation in balayage technique! Close-up the colors are light and darker, Forest Green, mixed in with a pale, golden blonde. And although the bob haircut is curvy, including the trendy curtain bangs, the pattern is strictly geometric. It’s an amazing creative contrast that works perfectly and gives the completely new look of geometric camouflage! And I don’t think anyone has ever done that before. Plus there’s a separate top brown layer styled to uncover the pattern. I’m sure hair color designs will be going in a completely new direction after this!

8. Pretty rose-pink balayage on chin-length short haircut

Both medium and fine, straight hair textures look great in a face-framing short bob hairstyle. And it’s a popular style, because it can be adjusted to suit lots of different face shapes. It also makes the best of fine hair’s silky-smooth look that lets you show-off glossy, healthy hair. And the clean lines are highlighted with subtle, rose-pink balayage in the sides and around the face. This simple style is given a trendy touch with an asymmetrical vibe and rosy highlights that really bring out the color of brown eyes!

9. Perky pink with blonde highlights on messy short haircut

Pink, apricot and baby-blonde come together in this messy hairdo to create a trendy, girly look! The roots are slightly darker pink, but they have the ‘clean’ look you don’t get with dark roots and light-blonde hair. So although this is a fantasy color, the overall image is feminine, well-groomed and neat – with a touch of mischief in the hairstyle! Curtain bangs cover the forehead, but open out just enough to show a pair of flirty eyes!

10. Rich copper casual short hairstyle

At last, copper hair is back at the peak of the hair color fashion trend. And I’m delighted this attractive color is finally every advertiser’s favorite, when choosing women with a trendy, modern image for their ads! It’s a lovely, rich shade that’s perfect for warming up your complexion and getting noticed amongst the crowds of blondes. But is it just a color for those with warm/neutral skin undertones? No, there’s a lovely shade of copper to suit cool and warm complexions! So go glam with this extremely attractive new trend!

Whether you have fine, medium or thick hair you can brighten up your life with a fabulous, new image and a super-trendy hair color makeover! Tell us which is your favorite look – I love to read your comments!

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