Female Pixie Hairstyles and Haircuts in 2021 - Pixie Cut Hairstyle Ideas

20 Feminine Pixie Hairstyles & Haircuts

Feminine pixie hairstyles and haircuts are always in fashion and suit fine hair and small faces perfectly! They also showcase the most up-to-date hair fashion trends, as each pixie cut can be updated every three months or so.

And today’s gorgeous gallery of cute short haircuts is all you need to see to choose a flattering makeover from a longer style or just bring your current pixie right up to the minute! There are lots of new types of bangs on offer right now, so dive in an select your new, feminine, pixie personality! This new collection of brunette and blonde pixie haircuts shows off the latest cutting techniques and flattering styles. And you’ll get to see the new season’s colors that are so beautiful and bohemian!

1. Neutral blonde asymmetrical haircut with micro-fringe – feminine pixie hairstyles and haircuts

Create a totally different vibe with trendy micro-bangs! This type of fringe softens the hairline, but leaves your forehead totally bare, which is great if you live in a hot climate or hate the feel of a fringe on your skin.

Every part of this fashionable new look is exciting and has the look of modern architecture, like the Sydney Opera House! Height at the crown and the side-swept, asymmetrical top all come together to create a beautifully face-framing, pixie haircut in soft, neutral blonde!

2. Textured side-swept feminine pixie hairstyles and haircuts

This lovely light-blonde shade is perfect for adding extra interest to a short pixie cut. And if your hair is fine, adding the lightening solution will help thicken each hair strand and make your hair look thicker.

Another way to add volume and density is to use the latest trend for textured, light waves. This style shows off a nicely-shaped forehead, with a side parting and a quiff plus side sections that soften the line and frame the eyes!

3. Feathery high-fashion ice-pink pixie haircut with bangs – feminine pixie hairstyles and haircuts

This short, shaved pixie cut is softened by the long bangs and feathery texture decorating the crown! It creates a lovely flowery texture, like a chrysanthemum, before moving forwards towards the face.

The short back and sides style gives a very, clean-cut look and this precisely cut style is easy-care. The hint of pink on a girly, platinum blonde pixie cut makes it even more cute and feminine!

4. Trendy strawberry-pink short hairstyle with side-swept bangs

Long layers allow you to get more shape and volume from your daily blow dry on this short haircut. And adding defined strands on the surface adds interesting texture and movement to a chic, straight short haircut.

A long, side-swept fringe that almost covers one eye creates that sexy, peek-a-boo look. And vivid, strawberry-pink combined with light-pink-blonde balayage adds 3-D dimension for an easy-care, and very feminine long pixie cut.

5. Trendy medium to short haircut makeover on curly hair

Whether you’re just coming up to summer or winter in your location, this light-brown pixie is a pretty and practical way to get a trendy new look! And for anyone who finds natural curls a nuisance, this is a great way to tame your hair and still use the natural movement to create fashionable texture.

This is a classic pixie look in which the hair appears to be a cap of soft curls hugging the shape of the head. And styled forwards to finish in straight across bangs completes a lovely, feminine and fashionable look!

6. Cute classic brunette short haircut with blonde balayage

There’s nothing like a little contrast to bring out the texture and movement in a cute, classic pixie haircut! And especially on brunette hair, the effect of some light-reflecting balayage can transform a plain look into something really attractive.

This fabulous pixie cut has long curvy side-points, facing towards the back, for a soft vibe. And this contrasts nicely with the precisely cut, straight across line at the nape. Light waves on top add interest and the piecey, separated bangs draw attention to nicely-shaped brows and eyes!

7. Short brunette bob haircut with curvy back volume

The V-shaped nape is very trendy this season and gives a more interesting shape to the back. And this pixie cut is very much focussed on creating an eye-catching profile, with long layers giving a curvy, voluminous shape. The side-points are carefully cut to mid-way down the ear, as this style has been devised to show off the earrings and neck tattoo.

The side-parting creates trendy asymmetry and a face-softening, side-swept fringe. This is a very natural looking pixie, which is the best way to complement your love of jewellery and tattoos!

8. Ice-white bob makeover to shaved-back short haircut

Both of these haircuts are trendy and modern, but I think the pixie makeover wins in terms of extra style and interesting contrasts! The color is platinum with an ice-blue tint on the lower lengths. But there’s also a lot of beige in there to make this a totally up-to-date hair color idea.

The buzzed blue nape is shaped in a fashionable V, pointing down to the model’s neck tattoo. And the stylist has rough-dried the long layers on top to create loads of lovely texture and volume. This is a high-fashion style that’s also an easy-care look!

9. Warm chestnut brown waves on short haircut with long bangs

And if you’re looking for a color change that’s not too extreme, why not consider this gorgeous chestnut brown tone? The base color is medium brown and the top has been highlighted with coppery-chestnut hair color to catch more light and show off the fabulous texture!

There’s contrast in the precisely cut sides and the soft, long bangs which drape just below the brows to highlight the eyes perfectly! And this is another feminine pixie cut that allows you to show off dainty sets of earrings!

10. Ash-blonde basin cut with long bangs & shaved nape

Female Pixie Hairstyles & Haircuts

And for a fabulously simple cut, that has lots of interesting features, you can’t beat this high-fashion, ash-blonde basin cut. It’s suitable for medium and fine, straight hair and is cut in two contrasting lengths. The back and sides are buzzed and shaved, for an edgy look.

But the top and bangs are left in long layers, with plenty of volume and movement! And long, side-swept bangs soften and flatter the face for a feminine finish!

11. Medium bob makeover to female pixie hairstyles & haircuts

I have to admit that I think both of these cuts look fabulous. But the model wanted a shorter, edgier look and so she now has a glamorous pixie hairstyle. The asymmetry is emphasized to make it extra-trendy and the swep-over bangs with a long disconnected layer look very chic! The model’s fine hair looks great in a pixie cut in cool, beige-blonde with a touch of gold-blonde balayage at the parting.

12. Platinum-blonde all over glamor on female pixie hairstyles & haircuts

And here’s another gorgeous short haircut that’s full of shape, texture and movement. Height just below the crown curves in to a graduated finish at the nape. And this focuses on the dramatic, black rose tattoo on the model’s neck. Waves on the sides give volume and lovely movement, with the tapered 4-tier side-points emphasising gorgeous cheek-bones. Cool white and warmer gold balayage add fantastic 3-D color depth!

13. Simple & stylish female pixie hairstyles & haircuts

This simple cut is full of exciting new features to give it a contemporary twist for the new season. The clean cut line from ear to ear, dipping down to a soft V at the nape looks trendy and precise. And the side-styled crown and back is one of my favorite looks for short hair. Notice the ‘shadow shaved’ effect in the fourth image that echoes the shape of the hair above. And the deep side part creates a fashionable asymmetrical shape.

14. Black & white messy female pixie hairstyles & haircuts

This arty pixie cut projects a bohemian image for an unconventional client. And it focuses on a variety of textures, which come together to create a very original new look. The back has a sharply angled black V pointing down to the pretty black flower tattoo at the nape. And the sides have edgy, contrasting shaved, buzzed and then layered hair sections. The ash-blonde top has lots of flattering height from large, tousled waves.

15. Futuristic silver-blonde short hairstyle with shaved undercut

The first undercuts in women’s hairstyles came in the 70’s along with the UK Punk Movement. The idea was to reject the accepted idea of beauty and and substitute a new fashion for harsh shapes and glaring ‘unatural’ colors. But like the sea smoothing down a rock, fashion eventually softens the most extreme new trends to create a third look, which is a balance between both extremes. And this lavender-silver basin-cut really is super-cute!

16. Cool-blue white layered look with long bangs & shaved nape

This expert colorist has done a great job in emphasising the lovely blue eyes of this model. The blue tone on white-blonde suits skin with cool or neutral undertones. The style is a great choice for fine or thin hair types, as its color creates eye-catching impact, without the need for ‘big hair’. I love how the blue tattoos have been accentuated by this cut. And the long, front bangs have a gentle curve and a little separation to soften the line!

17. Coffee-dark classic short straight cut with clean lines

Pixies cuts are great for showing off a good bone structure and being one of the easiest ways to style and maintain a chic look! The lines are geometrical, but within that shape there are lots of softening features. For example, the blurred parting gives a gentler finish to the side part. And the separated strands of the side-swept bangs break-up the fringe to make the look light-weight, and not ‘heavy’.

18. Mid-brown short hair comes to life with gold-blonde balayage

The vertical highlights add so much to a natural base color, like medium to light brown. The add 3-D color depth for a thicker look. And lots of interesting texture and reflected light. Hair styled behind the ear adds a youthful, casual look for women of all ages. And the asymmetric short cut is so good at balancing out different face shapes, that it’s still one of the most popular short bob choices!

19. Black hair with natural wave and pretty tapered side profile

Coarse or thick curly black hair need a firm hand and a stylist who know how to get the most out of this texture. Sliced, vertical layers are tapered down in long V shapes, which completely removes the blunt, bushy ends. And so this cute side-swept pixie hairstyle has a dainty finish, curving around her hairline to avoid covering an already low forehead.

20. Heavily tapered side-swept blonde asymmetric short cut with brunette nape

With thinned-out wispy sides, this short haircut looks edgy and harks back to the popular ‘street’ style blonde hairstyles. The color is a softer pale blonde than the harsh platinum-blonde from a few seasons ago, but the thinned out sides aren’t the most flattering look in my opinion. And the timid bar of brown across the nape also looks a little passé to me. But the swept-over top section has height and volume that looks great!

So whether you’re looking for a simple, everyday style or a stunning, chic haircut, these are this season’s best pixie cuts to choose from!

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