Different Types of Layered Haircuts - Best Medium Length Layered Hairstyle

10 Modern Medium Length Layered Hairstyles

Medium-length layered hairstyles have become one of the most requested high-fashion hairstyles recently! The fact is they are extremely versatile, and can be switched between up-, half-up, braided and down-hairstyles. And the latest looks are either straight, or have light waves, so daily styling is quick and easy! See how high-fashion balayage and new hair color designs can spice-up your hairstyle now:

Flattering mid-blonde – medium-length layered hairstyles

You can’t beat this medium length layered haircut for an easy-care, everyday look that’s trendy enough to take you anywhere! It’s a fabulous long to medium makeover style, for when you start to feel long hair isn’t your best style anymore. You certainly get tons more trendy style with a shaggy, medium bob. The stylist has cut long, sliced layers into the hair. And these are heavily tapered to create the shaggy vibe. A mix of medium-blonde shades is more flattering to anyone over 25 years, than lighter shades!

Edgy medium-length layered hairstyles in neutral blonde

It’s interesting how ideas of beauty change over the years. When I was a child, this look was the last thing you wanted! It happened if you got caught in the rain and your carefully applied ‘roller’ curls ‘dropped out’. LOL! But today, it’s a high-fashion look loved by women who want an edgy, contemporary image. So ‘straggly’, defined sections create deep, 3-D texture and chunky volume. And this is accentuated beautifully by a sophisticated blend of beige-blonde shades.

Romantic light-brown & ash-blonde curls with bangs – medium-length layered hairstyle

This is a truly exciting new look, using trendy colors and ombré to create something totally fresh for this season! And it’s a great way to add some real pizazz to dirty-blonde or light, mousey-brown natural color. The top is a very modern, neutral beige-brown, beautifully highlighted with fine lines of ash-blonde. And this gradually transitions to a light-gray ombré, romantically-styled into casual twist waves! This style is great for covering a wide forehead and adding width to a long, or heart-shaped face, too!

Pearly-blonde shaggy medium-length layered hairstyle

Here’s another easy-care, medium-length, layered haircut that gains tremendous style-impact from the cool-blonde hair color design! It’s a great style for medium to thick textured hair that’s naturally fair – like dirty-blonde or light mousey-brown. And to achieve this look your stylist should cut your hair into vertical, sliced layers with sharply tapered tips. This creates the medium-shaggy look on this gleaming pearly-blonde haircut with darker beige-ash roots!

Adorable baby-blonde mid-long wavy haircut

This pretty, feminine hairstyle is perfect for fine hair types. Long, fine hair can look thin and lank, if you don’t add texture and volume. But this medium-long look has layers to remove weight and allow the top to be puffed-up for flattering height. The ends are all heavily textured to create wispy tips that flip-out to add more volume half-way down the head. A gentle contrast between light, ash-brown roots and pale, beige-blonde balayage adds softness to a super-cute look!

Glamorous oat-blonde long bob with copper roots

This fabulously glamorous medium hairstyle is an interesting departure from the usual root colors. Because this hair color design contrasts warm copper roots with soft oat-blonde above! It’s a trendy new idea that also has ash-blonde balayage subtly applied around the centre area of the head. So if you love to debut the latest high-fashion colors, this is a fabulous one to try!

Sultry black wavy bob with centre part

And moving from a high-fashion color to a totally natural, deep-black style shows another sexy look! Glamor usually comes from extreme colors and this sultry medium bob is full of fashionable cutting techniques. For instance, the heavily tapered tips add a casual, shaggy finish around the bottom edge. And tousled waves accentuate the fetching, ‘bed-head’ vibe. With a centre-part, this style creates cute face-framing waves for an oval face shape.

Simply straight oat-blonde bob with light taupe roots

This is a very light blonde shade suitable for brightening up naturally fair hair. And it’s suitable for skin that has warm, or neutral, undertones. So that little bit of beige in the blonde mix softens the color beautifully and harmonizes with the softness of light taupe roots. The lightening process thickens hair shafts making your hair appeal a lot thicker, so this long layered bob can be achieved on medium and fine hair types.

Windswept brunette mid-length bob with subtle copper balayage

You’ll never be worried about your hair being ‘untidy’ with this style, as it’s intended to look a little ‘bed-head’. But along with the trendy hair-color design, the spiky tips and windswept finish all come together to create the look of extra volume and thickness in fine hair! The colorist has tweaked the model’s natural brunette hair color by adding copper-blonde balayage. And carbon-black tips add texture and 3-D effects around the bottom edge.

Mid-brown shoulder-length bob with golden balayage

This super-relaxed bob works well on medium to thick hair with a natural volume and a little natural movement. The stylist has added layers that allow the top to have a nice round volume, that moves into a curved back. The face is framed by shorter layers, accentuated by highly tapered tips highlighted in soft, golden blonde shades. The ‘random’ placing of pale and medium-golden blonde balayage keeps the look casual and enhances the trendy, tousled finish!

Tousled hairstyles are fabulous for adding volume to your hair. And you don’t need to keep rushing to the nearest mirror to ‘tidy up’ your hair throughout the day, or evening! And if you prefer to wear a simpler, straight medium hairstyle, you can go to town on the color – like a gleaming light-blonde neutral shade!

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