Bobbie Eakes Hairstyles 2013
Medium Haircuts

Bobbie Eakes Hairstyles

Bobbie Eakes Hairstyle: The sleek hairstyle is quite simple yet stunning. Jagged cut layers throughout the front add shape to the jaw-line that makes it ideal for women with long face shapes. The great sleek hairstyle can offer a young and chic look. The gorgeous and sleek hairstyle can leave people a deep impression on us.

The medium locks are blow-waved smooth showing off the layers cut round the sides and front adding shape and style to the simple yet chic style. The back of the dainty locks are tapered into the neck with layers cut up to the crown. The sides are angled down to create the stunning shape that is ideal for people with long face structures. The hairstyle will require regular trims every 4-6 weeks so as to avoid split ends.

Bobbie Eakes Hairstyles 2013
Bobbie Eakes Hairstyles

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Bobbie Eakes Hair Style
Length: Medium
Type: Straight
Hair Color: Dark Golden Brown, Golden

Bobbie Eakes Haircuts : Create great layers to add texture and shape to the whole look. Leave the top area relatively smooth and straight and create layers. Trim one side shorter than another part to create an asymmetric look. Create some side sweeping bangs to pair the stunning hairstyle. Apply a small amount of hairspray to keep it shine and neat.

Medium Straight Haircuts 2013
Bobbie Eakes Hairstyles – Medium Straight Haircuts