Classy Easy Bob Hairstyles With Straight Hair - Short Straight Hair Cuts

10 Easy Straight Bob Hairstyles with Beautiful Balayage

This season’s straight bob hairstyles showcase dramatic gray and white contrasts, adorable natural blonde shades – and a definite vintage trend back to multi-toned stripes! So have fun choosing your straight bob hairstyles‘ fabulous new hair-color here!

Light-brown bob with bangs – short straight bob hairstyles

Classy Easy Bob Hairstyles With Straight Hair - Short Straight Hair Cuts


Light-brown hair has really come back into fashion this season. And as you can see above it’s a very attractive, natural look. Light-brown hair with subtle, blonde balayage suits pale skin tones with a cool undertone. The straight across fringe, with face-framing sides draws attention to well-shaped brows, eyes and lips. The straight, chin-length bob is a popular hairstyle that suits many different face shapes. So this is a trendy, easy-care and flattering new look!

Cinnamon with coral-blonde balayage – straight bob hairstyles

Here’s a side-view of the cute straight bob with bangs hairstyle, showing the fabulous profile you can achieve on thick hair. The bangs are slightly arched to be shorter in the centre and graduated down to join the sides. And this clever trick helps balance the face shape and make it appear more oval, which is the ideal. The stylist has cut this fashionable style in sliced layers, giving lots of movement and texture. And the new cinnamon and coral-blonde hair color design is warm and natural looking!

Black & white-blonde straight bob hairstyles with neck tattoos

This edgy inverted bob is suitable for thick hair, as the layers are cut in vertical slices to create curved volume. It’s an easy care straight bob, that has a stacked back to create bouffant height around the crown and concave, textured tips. And that helps the hair fall naturally into shape after washing. Drama is added in the extreme black roots, contrasted with ash-white blonde balayage, for a strong 3-D effect. And this length is perfect for showing-off an attractive neck-tattoo!

Gray & beige-ash-blonde 3-D straight bob hairstyles

Balayage hair ideas: You can also achieve a slightly softer 3-D effect on a fashionable inverted, chin-length bob, with gray roots and beige-white blonde highlights. And the tones will be chosen by your colorist to match your personal skin-tone. This model has a warmer undertone to her skin, than the cool pink and white tones of the previous model. Therefore, it makes sense to ‘warm up’ the black and white contrast to dark gray roots and wheat-blonde. And the edgy hair color design instantly updates a classic straight bob!

Gorgeous beige & honey-blonde messy bob

Cream, caramel and honey are the inspiration for this yummy hair-color design! And this is a color combo that’s perfect for pale skin with warm or neutral undertones. Your natural hair needs to be fairly light to achieve this gorgeous look successfully. The length is suitable for fine hair, as any longer and fine hair tends to look thin. And there’s a fabulous contrast between a choppy, almost same-length cut, with ‘ragged’ tips and the classy blend of tasteful colors in the vertical, blonde highlights!

Classic neutral blonde inverted bob with straight-across back

Medium and fine hair textures may not be thick enough for the traditional stacked back on a chic, short inverted bob, but they’re perfect for the latest straight-across cut at the nape! And having fashionable neutral blonde highlights above light-brown roots, creates thickness and a soft, natural look. This is a classic, short bob hairstyle with contemporary twists that looks fresh and chic wherever you are!

Eye-catching oat-blonde curved medium hairstyles

If you tend to wear pink or purple lip-color, you’ve probably got skin with a cool undertone. And that means you can wear this eye-catching oat-white blonde shade. This sleek, straight bob hairstyle may seem to be one color all over. But if you look again, you’ll see that it’s actually full of texture from subtle gray roots, creating shadows between vertical, blonde highlights. And pink toner has been added to soften the final color design!

Classic straight brunette bob with micro-fine vertical highlights

This simple style is perfect for a natural-beauty look, especially if you have medium to thick hair. There’s a fashionable asymmetrical vibe from the deep side part and swept-over styling that frames the face. And the stylist has created ‘blocky’, straight-cut ends that contrast with the carefully textured tips for a contemporary finish. Gentle waves add lovely movement in this same-length haircut. And to accentuate the texture and movement, the colorist has added subtle, blonde highlights that work beautifully on dark brunette hair!

Hi-fashion copper & silver-gray stripes on medium straight haircut

Wow! This is a look we haven’t seen since Ginger Spice debuted the ginger and blonde stripy look. But it’s certainly time to give it a new twist. And what could be better than a contrast between warm copper and cool silver-gray, to add some sass to a demure long, straight bob! With any hair-color design, you should always consider the main colors in your wardrobe. And, as you can see, the model has complemented her orange and silver hair color with the rich, deep blue shade of her blouse!

Baby-blonde highlights on short hairstyle for medium – fine hair

Nothing looks more natural that expertly applied, baby-blonde highlights. And if you were a blonde baby and would love to re-capture that look, now is definitely the time! Neutral blonde shades in wheat and oat have really taken over from the golden blondes popular five years ago. Plus lightening up your fine hair is a good way to add body and natural volume, so you can achieve this cute, universally flattering, chin-length bob!

From monochrome grays to baby blonde, and spicy stripes to micro-fine balayage for brunettes, the new season’s straight bob hairstyles are full of trendy surprises!

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