Latest Pixie Haircut, Best Short Hairstyles for Women

10 Trendy Pixie Haircuts- Short Hair Styles for Women

A pixie haircut is the brave and beautiful hairstyle which has taken the fashion world by storm. A stunning super short crop which shows off your facial features to perfection, the pixie cut is growing in popularity by the day. Despite being an incredibly short hairstyle, there are hundreds of different varieties of pixie cut available to you – each as stylish as the last. From experimenting with colour, shape to adding different patterns into the cut, there are so many ways to personalise your pixie. Here’s 10 trendy pixie haircuts that we simply cannot get enough of.

Light Brown Pixie Cut Full of Layers – Textured Short Hairstyle for Women

Latest Pixie Haircut, Best Short Hairstyles for Women


Layers are absolutely everything when it comes to a pixie cut. Experimenting with layers creates body, texture and volume exactly as pictured in the amazing style above. Start by asking for a pixie cut, keeping the bottom layer of hair around the ear level, but close to the head. Work a side fringe in to frame your face. From the longer layers at the bottom, gradually work shorter layers towards the top of the head and tousle for effect.

White Blonde Pixie Cut with Side Swept Bangs

Sometimes with a pixie cut, the most clean cut can be the most effective, Take this stunning white blonde crop for example, the cut is smooth and sleek with a simply stunning result. Start by getting the hair chopped into a pixie cut. State that you want some length on the top of the head and a sweeping side fringe. Dye your hair a bright blonde and you’re ready to go!

Pastel Pink Swept Pixie Cut – Pastel Short Hairstyle

Pastels are undeniably a growing trend within the hair industry. From pinks to purples, greens to yellows, pastel hues are climbing up the fashion rankings. We adore this pretty pink pixie cut! To recreate, ask for a pixie cut with longer layers towards the front of the face. Dye your favourite pastel pink shade and sweep the layers forward for a fabulous finish.

Ash Blonde Two Layer Pixie Cut – Undercut for Short Hair

Spice up your pixie cut by creating a two layer effect. Start by shaving the bottom layer incredibly close to the head. Then, as a contrast, leave the top layer ever so slightly longer to create a wonderful two-tone look. We adore the ash blonde shade this lovely lady has opted for, so why not recreate this look with that amazing colour?

Golden Blonde Two Tone – Undercut with Short Straight Hair

Slightly longer pixie cuts also work perfectly with a double layer effect. Recreate this golden blonde bob by starting with the bottom layer shaved closely to the head. Leave the top layer long to fall around the ear length and create the classic pixie cut. Add a side fringe and keep the layers straight and sleek for effect!

Purple Blunt Layered Bob

Blunt layers are incredibly fashionable when it comes to pixie cuts. They create the most striking style with a cool, textured edge which is totally on trend. Copy this pretty pastel purple look by asking for a pixie cut with staggered layers to the back of the head. Leave the top long and dye purple to stand out from the crowd!

Cool Purple and Brown Pixie – Short Haircut for Thick Hair

Edgy, stylish and on trend are three ways we would describe this amazing purple and brown cut! Recreate this super cool style by opting for some jazzy patterns on the bottom layer of your pixie cut. Graduate the layers so that they’re longer to the top of the head. Dye the top purple and sweep back for a wonderful pulled back look.

Curly Pixie Cut with Long Fringe – Blonde Short Hairstyle

Curls and pixie cuts go hand in hand perfectly. Adding curls to your crop can create the cutest look we ever did see, as pictured above! Steal this style by asking for a pixie cut with a long sweeping fringe on one style. Opt for whichever colour you like, but we personally adore the blonde. Add big curls throughout the long fringe section.

French Braided Green and Blonde Pixie Cut – Summer Hairstyle Ideas

Green and blonde might be a colour combination you’d previously never thought of, but boy does it look good! Start by asking for a lovely pixie cut which is longer at the front and shorter at the back. Dye the roots a pretty pastel green and blend out towards a blonde. Use a french braid to braid one side of the front section of hair, pinning it back. Leave the other section to hang loose as a fringe.

Tousled Blonde Pixie Cut – Short Hairstyle for Fine Hair

Adding tousles to your pixie crop can create a seriously stunning end result which we just can’t get enough of. Start by asking for a classic pixie cut, Something which is short all over, full of choppy layers to the back and top of the head. Finish with a fringe. Dye your favourite bright blonde shade and tousle throughout for a textured finish.

Which of these pixie cuts is your favourite? Will you be brave and go for the chop at your next hair appointment? Let us know in the comments below!

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