Bun Updos Ideas: Bun Photo Tutorial

2014 Bun Updos Ideas: Bun Photo Tutorials
Bun Updos Ideas: Bun Photo Tutorials/Via

The Rainy Day bun is quite a fun and trendy hairstyle for medium and long hair and it is a favorite hairstyle among fashionable women. It can offer people a cute graceful and gorgeous look and feel greatly. It is certain to earn you some envy glances. It is quite effortless to create bun. Some smoothing cream can help keep it neater and shiner.
Comb all the hair back and tie them into a loose low ponytail.
Twist the base of the tail into a tight spiral.
Coil it clockwise around the base.
Hold the bun with some prong-shaped bobby pins.
Loosen the front hair for a messier look.
Apply some hairspray.

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