Chic Medium Length Hairstyles, Nicole Richie Hair
Nicole Richie Hairstyles

Chic Medium Length Hairstyles: Nicole Richie Hair

The lovely straight shoulder length straight hairstyle is created sleek and slicked down. The various layers make the whole hairstyle look more voluminous and full of life.

The chic medium straight cut can earn you many admiring glances. The splendid smooth hairstyle is fabulous for people who are looking for a smashing and cool hairstyle that is simple to style with product and low-fuss to maintain.

Styling Steps

  • Create great layers to add texture and shape to the whole look. Leave the top area relatively smooth and straight and create layers.
  • Create a side part to stress the big and shinning eyes and pair the smooth blond hairstyle.
  • Keep the splendid hairstyle on the shoulders to add more style and charm to the whole look. Apply some hairspray to keep it shine and neat.