Blonde, Classic Ponytail Hairstyles for Braids, Tori Spelling Hair
Tori Spelling Hairstyles

Classic, Blonde Ponytail Hairstyles for Braids: Tori Spelling Hair

The splendid version of the classic ponytail is ideal for people who desire something more sophisticated, yet simple to make instantly.

The straight and slicked pony is the minimalist and trendy variant of the season. The ponytail is quite simple to create and it can represent the ideal option for more formal or business look. Straighten all the hair. Create a side part. Comb all the hair back. Create the side front hair into woven braids and drag the hair ends behind the ear. Pull tight at the nape of the; pin it with a hair band.

Length: Medium
Type: Straight; Braids
Hair Color: Blonde