Dakota Fanning Medium Straight Hairstyles
Dakota Fanning Hairstyles

Dakota Fanning Medium Straight Hairstyles for Girls

Dakota Fanning Medium Straight Haircut: Long layers cut throughout the back and sides of the look bring the hairstyle natural movement that is gorgeous for people with fine to medium hair. The attractive hairstyle has only subtle layers cut around the edges to encourage the bounce and movement of textured providing the perfect frame. Silky and sleek is the main idea of the style.

Layers are cut around the sides and front to add shape and softness to the simple hairdo. The fabulous hairstyle is simple to create. Cut smooth layers up to the top and round the sides to get the dainty shape which matches perfectly for people wishing to be attracted. Leave the straight hair on the shoulders.

Dakota Fanning Hairstyle
Length: Medium
Type: Straight
Hair Color: Honey