Medium Layered Hairstyle, Straight Hair
Medium Straight Hairstyles

Medium Layered Hairstyle: Straight Hair

There is a combination of medium to long layers cut throughout the back and sides of the look which brings the layered hairstyle natural movement that is gorgeous for people with fine to medium hair.

The many layers can add much style and shape to the entire look. The lighter blonde color all over makes the charming face brighter. The face-framing splendid and approachable hairstyle with side-swept bangs is great for many events and is quite effortless to style with a bit of product.

Styling Steps

  • Create some layers at the back and sides.
  • Layer some blunt cut side sweeping bangs subtly across the forehead to make the entire style look and feel tender and soft.
  • Layer some long and neat bangs subtly across the forehead to make the whole hairstyle look and feel tender and soft pairing the trendy layered hairstyle.
  • Apply some product to make it smooth and shine longer and better.